Hawaii's Kilauea volcano continues to ooze lava

Hawaii volcano summit before and after

US GEOLOGICAL SURVEYHawaii volcano Before and after

An quake struck the summit of Hawaii's Kilauea volcano for the fourth consecutive day on Thursday morning. Areas downwind, including Volcano and Ka'u, will be affected by ash.

"The summit explosion produced an natural disaster with a magnitude of 5.4", the U.S. Geological Service (USGS) said.

The Hawaiian Volcano Observatory reports that the eruption continues in the lower East Rift Zone.

U.S. President Donald Trump on Thursday approved federal emergency housing aid and other relief for victims of the six-week-old Kilauea Volcano eruption on Hawaii's Big Island, where hundreds of homes have been destroyed, state officials said.

Lava fountains from Fissure 8 reached heights of 200 feet and lava continued to flow through the channel to the ocean at Kapoho. This activity means volcanic gas emissions remain very high.

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Gov. David Ige says Trump approved the request for individual assistance on Thursday.

Lava from the volcano, which began to erupt more than a month ago, has covered more than 2,400 hectares of land and destroyed 467 homes, including a vacation home of Hawaii County Mayor Harry Kim.

Volcanic smog, or vog, carried aloft by the winds has hampered air quality for parts of the island and been detected as far away as the western Pacific island of Guam.

Ige says qualifying residents may receive help from the federal government for issues such as shelter, unemployment, trauma and legal matters.

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