Greece and Macedonia sign agreement on name change

Greek PM survives no-confidence vote over Macedonia name

Greece, Macedonia to sign deal ending yearslong name dispute

Thousands of Greeks are protesting in the center of Athens in Syntagma Square in opposition to their government's proposed deal with the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia on a name settlement.

While the European Union and the United Nations welcomed the agreement, thousands of Greek protesters rallied outside Greece's Parliament building, accusing the prime minister of being a "traitor", according to Reuters.

Macedonia's parliament will still need to approve the deal, with a referendum to follow in September or October. If Ivanov refuses to sign off on the deal, it will be sent back to parliament for a second vote.

Tsipras and Zaev embraced on the village dock and were treated to a standing ovation by gathered dignitaries. This was Matthew Nimetz - the United Nations mediator who has spent a quarter of a century trying to find a solution acceptable to both countries.

The ceremony took place in the border region of Lake Prespa, in the Greek village of Psarades, after which both delegations headed to the Macedonian side of the lake, to the village of Oteshevo, for a celebratory lunch.

- Within a month of signing the deal, both countries will establish a committee of experts on historic, educational and archaeological matters to consider interpretation of historical events.

"A vote against the vote of no confidence is a vote in favor of the Tsipras-Zaev agreement tomorrow", referring to the Macedonia name deal.

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The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia agrees to name change. That would leave Tsipras dependent on opposition parties to pass the measure.

The deal will ultimately pave the way for Macedonia to join European Union and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation which was resisted by Greece.

Greece argued the term "Macedonia" implied territorial claims on its province of the same name, which is the birthplace of the ancient warrior king Alexander the Great, and usurped its ancient Greek heritage and history. There is a Macedonian minority in northern Greece which is nearly totally assimilated after Greece gained the territory following the Second Balkan War, with the people there having no right to declare themselves as Macedonians by ethnicity or to speak the Macedonian language. Zaev has said he will put it to a referendum in the autumn.

An elderly man in the audience nodded and smiled. Under the deal, the nationality will be "Macedonian/citizen of North Macedonia" and the name of the language will remain "Macedonian" as well.

The Macedonian parliament is scheduled to start debating the agreement next week, amid concern President Gjorge Ivanov will exercise a one-time veto option to block the deal that the nationalist opposition has called a "capitulation".

The Macedonian constitution must also be revised by the end of the year, before Greece's parliament is called to ratify it.

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