Theresa May promises £20 billion 'birthday' investment in NHS

Brexit news Boris Johnson and an NHS hospital

GETTYTheresa May is to pledge a massive £600MILLION'Brexit dividend which will be spent on the NHS

She said the story behind its foundation, where surgeon William Marsden found a dying girl on the steps of St Andrew Church, in Holborn in 1828 underpinned the NHS's approach.

But she also said it would be covered in part by the so-called "Brexit dividend", which follows the £350m per week for the NHS famously advertised on the side of Vote Leave's campaign bus.

Writing exclusively for HuffPost UK, 12 high-profile clinicians, including ex-chair of the Royal College of GPs, Dr Clare Gerada, slam the Prime Minister's big NHS announcement and say "there is in fact a growing Brexit deficit" in the health service.

Theresa May told the BBC that a 10-year spending plan, due to be formally released on Monday, will mean "significantly more money going into the NHS".

But she added: 'It is essential that as more details of her long-term plan are announced, general practice is recognised for the vital role it plays in delivering safe, effective patient care in the community, and keeping the entire NHS sustainable'.

May's announcement may be more about saving the Conservative party, but Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond will still have to come up with the cash.

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The Prime Minister announced the increase in funding, which will see the £114bn-a-year budget rise by an average of over 3% a year for the next five years - still well below the average NHS annual real growth rate during its history - 4% according to the Nuffield Trust. The pledge drew immediate scepticism, with critics saying the plans lacked detail and questioning whether leaving the European Union would actually save money.

Today's announcement confirms that Theresa May has failed to give the NHS the funding it needs, and much of the funding announced today is based on wishful thinking.

"People are waiting longer and in pain because of Tory cuts to the NHS", he said. Last month the IFS released a report which considered the impact of increasing NHS funding on other areas of government spending.

"However, if this is to be funded with personal tax freezes and borrowing, then other United Kingdom departments will face funding squeezes to meet the costs of Brexit - and as a result any increases in health could be given with one hand and taken away with the other".

We've written before about the concerns raised by think tanks and NHS senior managers that funding specifically targeted at the NHS has come at the same time as other elements of health spending, for example public health, have been falling.

The premier said that by the financial year 2023-2024, an extra £20 billion ($26.5 billion, 23 billion euros) a year would be going into the NHS. "It's right that we use that money to spend on our priorities, and the NHS is our number-one priority". This is unsustainable and we call on the Prime Minister to specifically address this in the detail of her plans, ' she said. And I'm very clear that we need to make sure that in dealing with social care it doesn't put added pressure is on to the NHS. We certainly haven't seen that.

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