Trump says Canadians are smuggling shoes out of the US

President Donald Trump on Tuesday claimed that Canada's tariffs are so high that its citizens are smuggling goods en masse from the United States to avoid the import fees. "The tariffs to get common items back into Canada are so high, that they have to smuggle them in".

Trump accused Canadians of crossing the border with the buy products and "smuggle" them back into their country because their tariffs are so high.

The president, who called NAFTA "one of the worst deals ever made by this country, a disaster", said again he may pursue separate deals with Mexico and Canada instead of sticking with the three-nation deal. They scuff them up.

Trump said he hoped the USA could work out a trade agreement with Canada, saying the two countries had a good relationship but that Americans were being taken advantage of. "They make them sound old or look old", he explained. Canadians do not pay duties on US -made goods when they bring them back to Canada; they merely pay the harmonized sales tax or goods and services tax.

"We'll see whether or not we can make a reasonable NAFTA deal", Trump said.

While addressing the National Federation of Business in Washington, Trump told the crowd that Canadians are resorting to smuggling USA goods to avoid tariffs.

"Canada is not going to take advantage of the United States any longer, and Mexico is not going to take advantage of the United States any longer", he said.

On July 1, Canada is set to impose retaliatory action of $16.6 billion on USA products after Trump slapped tariffs on aluminum and steel - and he has threatened more to come on automobiles.

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Uh, Canadian here. We actually have our own shoe stores.

"Tariff imposition of this nature would be devastating for the auto industry in Ontario", O'Toole said.

She confirmed that the United States is still insisting a new NAFTA deal have a five-year expiry clause.

Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland told the Commons global trade committee that the "absurd and insulting" USA action will meet with a firm response.

"Canada", Trump told the business conference.

Listen to "Follow-Up" Podcast: Where Will Trump's Anti-Canada Spasm Leave Us? We want to be the smart country, ' he said.

The list includes USA steel and aluminum and goods from sailboats to whisky, plywood to refrigerators and washing machines to herbicides.

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