Excessive Video Games Makes You Crazy, WHO Report

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Ali "Myth" Kabbani of Team SoloMid has lashed out at those mocking the new "Gaming Disorder" classification by the World Health Organization.

With gaming disorder in the ICD, it will help alert medical professionals so that people who suffer from the described condition can get appropriate help.

"People need to understand this doesn't mean every child who spends hours in their room playing games is an addict, otherwise medics are going to be flooded with requests for help", Harvey clarifies.

World Health Organization officials say statistics, mainly from East and South Asian countries, show only a very small two to three percent of people are addicted to Gaming.

The ICD-11 defines gaming disorder as a pattern of gaming behaviour - "digital-gaming" or "video-gaming".

According to the World Health Organization, the gaming behaviour and related features have to be observed in an individual over a period of 12 months for an official diagnosis to be considered.

An estimated 2.6 billion people worldwide play video games, according to the Entertainment Software Association, a USA body representing video game publishers.

Assistant Manager John Rairdin believes people can become addicted to about anything. The new ICD-11 also reflects progress in medicine and advances in scientific understanding.

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ICD - core classification of diseases, which is used to determine trends and statistics of prevalence of various diseases and disorders worldwide.

There are three major diagnostic features or characteristics of gaming disorder, Poznyak explained.

Previous editions had categorised sexual dysfunction and gender incongruence, for example, under mental health conditions, while in ICD-11 these move to the sexual health section. "And let me emphasize that this is a clinical condition, and clinical diagnosis can be made only by health professionals which are properly trained to do that". One, that the gaming behaviour takes precedence over other activities to the extent that other activities are pushed to the periphery.

There were some scientists who opposed the inclusion of "gaming disorder" in the WHO ICD handbook.

But lifelong gamers say video games can be beneficial if you keep them in moderation.

The disagreement casts veil of confusion over how to approach a behavior associated with some deaths over the last two decades and as parents grapple with the increased popularity of online gaming.

Honestly, "gaming disorder" sounds like a phrase tossed around by irritated parents and significant others.

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