Sony launch PlayStation Hits, fantastic titles for only $20

PS4 blocks Fortnite Xbox and Switch cross-play because of ‘money’ says ex-Sony Online boss

PlayStation Hits re-releases top PS4 games on the cheap

What is Phil talking about here? Rather than committing to finding a way to reach an agreement with Microsoft and Nintendo, Sony bragged about how many PS4s it has sold and reminded everyone that they could still cross-play with Fortnite players on mobile and PC. Sounds great for the consumer in theory, but there is one big problem with this plan and that's Sony, who seem reluctant to even begin talks about this with their rivals.

However, thus far Sony has shown no interest in engaging with the competition.

At retail, the games will feature a red case with a bright red banner towards the top designating the game as a PlayStation Hits title.

Smedley has implied that Sony could be convinced to change its mind, but if the outcry over Fortnite didn't cause a rethink it's hard to imagine what will. What do you think of this initial offering for PlayStation Hits?

Absent from their statement was a reason for their decision to not play nice with its console brethren, but former Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley offered some insight into the company's decision. Here is what Smedley said in a tweet on Monday as first reported by Variety.

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Former Sony employee John Smedley has weighed in on the cross platform controversy brewing around PlayStation.

Money, ooh how evil of Sony, or is it?

"Our cloud engineers are building a game streaming network to unlock console-quality gaming on any device, Not only that - we are dedicated to perfecting your experience everywhere you want to play". They are in this to make money, it's a business.

In this regard, Sony remains the one with the largest user base this generation, and it's working to monetise these users as much as possible before the next generation starts, which means "protecting" its lead.

How do you feel about cross-platform play and Sony's attitude on this? According to an industry source that confirmed the news to Kotaku UK, downloadable games are coming to PlayStation Now later this year, namely in September.

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