Trump stands firm on immigration policy, sees it as a winner

Michigan receiving detained immigrant children as young as 3 months old | TheHill

Trump to ‘sign something’ on immigrant family separations

President Donald Trump on Wednesday signed an executive order ending his administration's practice of separating migrant families, but maintaining the "zero-tolerance" policy that criminally prosecutes migrants who cross the border illegally.

"In the wake of growing bipartisan calls for President Trump to end his Justice Department's recently implemented policy of "zero tolerance" that results in separating families at the border, I am cosponsoring new legislation in the House of Representatives today called the Keep Families Together Act".

"Are we a nation that accepts the cruelty of ripping children from their parents' arms, or are we a nation that values families, and works to keep them together?"

It was a dramatic turnaround for Trump, who has been insisting, wrongly, that his administration had no choice but to separate families apprehended at the border because of federal law and a court decision.

But immigrant advocates say that's misleading because customs officers aren't allowing many to enter the they can legally claim asylum, forcing them to try to find other ways in.

After the GOP leadership team's news conference, Majority Whip Steve Scalise clarified to ABC News that the House will vote on two alternative measures, the Goodlatte bill and the so-called compromise bill - both of which include policy to end family separation, boost funding for detention centers, solve the DACA problem and fund the border wall. The Alabama-based Southern Poverty Law Center said the order didn't go almost far enough.

House Republican leaders searching for a way to tamp down the controversy over family separations at the U.S. -Mexico border are getting little clear direction from President Donald Trump.

Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kansas, one of 13 Senate Republicans who signed a letter urging Trump to end his administration's separation policy, was also waiting on the yet unknown details.

During his remarks Wednesday morning, Trump again called on Congress to pass legislation to address the issue of family separations, which was created by his administration's policy. Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill., said Americans were "standing up for children, standing up for those who are in need".

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US First Ladies (from left) Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Melania Trump, Rosalynn Carter and Laura Bush, have independently expressed their concern about migrant children being torn from parents at the US-Mexico border.

The Trump administration says parents who present themselves at official ports of entry along the worldwide border and seek asylum won't be prosecuted and won't be separated from their kids.

Newly released audio gives an inside look at U.S. facility where children are crying out for their parents after being separated.

'When you prosecute the parents for coming in illegally, which should happen, you have to take the children away'.

He said, "We are keeping families together".

President Trump has signed an executive order "about keeping families together while ensuring we have a powerful border".

Sen. Chuck Schumer, the Democratic leader from NY, is adamant that Trump can end the family separations on his own and that legislation is not needed.

But the directive may violate a 2008 law that require special handling of migrant children who must be transferred from Nielsen's department to the Department of Health and Human Services after 72 hours. The House leaders still hope to have votes on both bills on Thursday.

But the chances of the bill passing are unclear as is the case with any bill dealing with the volatile issue of immigration.

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