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White House advisor Stephen Miller is widely seen as the mastermind behind President Donald Trump's controversial policy of separating parents from their children at the United States southern border.

"So it is fair to assume he would support the public's right to call (or text) Stephen Miller", the author wrote. This weekend, the New York Times reported that he was "instrumental" in pushing the Trump admin toward its infamous zero tolerance policies.

KUSA- Describing the separation of families at the U.S. -Mexico border as "a awful mistake" by the Trump administration, Rep. Mike Coffman (R-Colorado) told 9NEWS he's planning a trip to the border and is calling on President Donald Trump to fire one of his senior advisors.

One of the two immigration bills up for consideration already failed on the House floor Thursday afternoon.

The controversial immigration policy of the Trump administration until Wednesday enforced separation of children from parents at the US-Mexico border. More than 2,000 children have been separated from their parents. "And many people replied to that by voting for Donald Trump".

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"Implementing the border separation policy has always been part of their plan, it just took a little longer than people like Stephen Miller had hoped.Zero tolerance, especially toward immigrants, isn't just a policy proposal to this president and his allies-it is the ideology that animates the entire Trump phenomenon, and a defining characteristic of the world as they want it to be". Following his studies at Duke University, her served as an aide to then-Rep.

This isn't the first time that Miller's hard-line immigration policy has caused controversy.

As Coppins noted in his original interview with Miller, the White House advisor has always been a hardline immigration "restrictionist".

Twitter users who retweeted the original tweet found their accounts were being suspended and some users complained their accounts were being locked not for posting the private information but rather for pointing to a site that held the information, the report said.

Miller, perhaps ironically, is himself descended from immigrants who came through Ellis Island.

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