Government details how separated families will be reunited -- eventually

The back of Melania Trump’s jacket read “I really don’t care do u?” The first lady wore the jacket while boarding a plane in Maryland bound for Texas where she visited the US-Mexico border

Andrew Harnik Associated Press The back of Melania Trump’s jacket read “I really don’t care do u?”

Trump, faced with a public outcry over his policy that separated children from their migrant parents at the US border with Mexico, had urged Congress to take up immigration legislation to permanently prevent family separations.

The worldwide furor over the separation system was barely mollified by the President's order in recent days as key federal agencies struggled to explain how they would put families back together again and ensure migrants' children did not remain in USA foster care thousands of miles from their deported parents.

That might be a reflection of violence or persecution they could face in their home countries.

Deportation proceedings can take months to complete, and the factsheet did not say whether parents and children would be reunited in the intervening time.

The statement issued late Saturday said U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has established the Port Isabel Service Processing Center in South Texas "as the primary family reunification and removal center for adults in their custody".

The always-enigmatic first lady Melania Trump had those exact words scribbled on the back of her khaki green jacket as she-wait for it-boarded a plane to visit a shelter for immigrant children at the Texas-Mexico border.

The policy separated more than 2,000 children from their parents before President Trump signed an executive order last week.

Sounds like a noble thing to do (despite the fact that it's done entirely for the Fox News audience), but even the fact that she was going to visit children removed from their parents wasn't reason enough to not be a piece of shit. The departments of Justice, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security and Defense all play a role.

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But it's unclear whether detained parents have access to computers to send an email, or how their phone systems work to call out.

The federal agency said 522 children have been reunited and 16 additional ones were delayed because of weather problems Friday.

Several of the migrants had been given a number to call to try to locate their children, but found their calls would not go through or no one picked up, she said. It was not clear whether any of the 2,000 remaining children were taken into custody after June 9.

The "zero-tolerance policy" of criminally prosecuting anyone caught illegally crossing the border remains in effect, officials have said, despite confusion on the ground on how to carry out Trump's order.

If a judge decides that the immigrant may have a claim to pursue and the immigrant is deemed eligible for release, the parent can apply as a sponsor for their child in HHS custody.

That meant that their cases, tracking information and the agency that was caring for them was completely separate from the organization caring for their parents - and no planning appeared to have gone into how the families would be reunited.

Ruben Garcia, director of Annunciation House says working with the government to now reunite those families will be hard.

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