North Korea scraps 'anti-US imperialism' rally as ties appear to warm

Media playback is unsupported on your device                  Media caption Why do North Koreans revere a mountain

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media caption Why do North Koreans revere a mountain

In the past the rally has allowed North Korea to communicate its political message to the world, which has centred on grievances over U.S. policy in the region.

North Korea's change in tone and messaging remains nuanced though.

The United States, in the meantime, is preparing "specific asks" in a timeline that will be presented to North Korean officials as a result of the recent historic summit, Reuters reported.

South Korean Min Ho-Sik, center, 84, hugs his North Korean relative Min Eun-Sik, right, 81, during a reunion meeting of family members separated after the Korean War at the Mount Kumgang resort on the North's southeastern coast, October 20, 2015.

Kim's father Jong-il, by contrast, cultivated an image of preternatural drabness, shuffling about with his disheveled hairdo and shapeless anorak as he glumly inspected factories or army posts, and keeping his succession of wives well out of the limelight.

Mattis noted that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un committed to doing so in his June 12 meeting with President Donald Trump on denuclearising the Korean peninsula. Nearly all of them are over 70 years old.

North Korea will continue to ignore Japan unless Tokyo halts hostilities against its neighbor, such as large-scale military drills and efforts to boost military readiness, the isolated nation's state media said on Monday.

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In 2000, the two Koreas agreed to hold regular reunions for separated families but due to political and military tensions between the repressive Kim government and the democratic South, these events have been held only sporadically.

Those selected to participate are usually screened and instructed to ensure they praise the leader and describe their lives in the North in a positive light.

Pompeo, who has been charged with leading negotiations aimed at persuading North Korea to give up a nuclear weapons program that threatens the United States, said he would "constantly reassess" whether enough progress was being made to continue talks.

He said that framework couldn't be filled out without, Kim "making clear his intent to denuclearize", Pompeo said.

The senior defense official added that, "There will be specific asks and there will be a specific timeline when we do present the North Koreans with our concept of what implementation of the summit agreement looks like". However, no specific measures were mentioned.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is also expected to visit Pyongyang soon to lead the nuclear negotiation process.

Analysts say the rare omission of the USA in North Korean media coverage of the anniversary may be part of the regime's efforts to maintain the current diplomatic momentum.

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