Mosquitoes test positive for West Nile in New Canaan

Two West Nile virus cases confirmed in Greece | Kathimerini

First cases of West Nile Virus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis detected in Hampton Roads mosquitoes

Franklin County Public Health officials will be spraying today to keep us safe from the West Nile virus.

If possible, stay indoors during prime mosquito biting times: dusk and dawn. A vaccine for horses is available and highly recommended. West Nile virus has not been detected in any humans or animals this year, the department said in a statement.

When outdoors, residents are advised to use repellents containing DEET, permethrin, picaridin or oil of lemon eucalyptus. The risk of contracting the virus can be lowered through basic mosquito prevention measures, such as wearing long-sleeve shirts and trousers when outside, using DEET-based bug sprays, effective screening of windows in homes, avoiding mosquito breeding habitats and using mosquito netting over strollers when outside.

KEELPNO said the patients are from western Attica, but noted that the virus' circulation areas in the current season can not be safely predicted, as WNV's epidemiology is determined by many factors.

If going outside, use an EPA-approved insect repellent.

Be sure door and window screens are tight-fitting and in good fix.

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The West Nile virus has reared it's ugly head for the first time in the province this summer.

Maintaining door and window screens so they fit tightly and are free of holes.

Three residents were diagnosed and hospitalized due to West Nile infections past year.

Symptoms include fever, headache, drowsiness, nausea and rash. However, serious illness that involves the nervous system, such as encephalitis and meningitis, and death are also possible.

According to the city, individuals infected with West Nile Virus can show no symptoms, mild symptoms, or severe symptoms. Anyone with symptoms is encouraged to contact their health care provider.

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