After Multiple Teases Blizzard Finally Reveals Their New Overwatch Champion, Hammond

New Overwatch hero 28 is… a hamster?!

Overwatch’s newest hero is Wrecking Ball - here are his abilities

The Overwatch Twitter account unveiled the game's 28th hero, Hammond: an oversized hamster in a giant, ball-shaped mech. Though the hamster's name is indeed Hammond, the hero in general - which seems to include Hammond's mech - is called Wrecking Ball. Going by the name Wrecking Ball (no Miley jokes, I beg you), Hammond is a tank which can bowl through the front line of the opposition.

Overwatch's new hero is an adorable mech with a terrifying. hamster inside. The developer dropped several hints regarding the newest hero's identity in one of the game's most recent maps, Horizon Lunar Colony. It's your turn now Blizz!

Wrecking Ball is a tank character and can switch between a bipedal combat mode and a roll mode. His Ultimate, Minefield, deploys a bunch of proximity mines on the ground around him. It is here that Hammond built his own ball-shaped mech: Wrecking Ball. Hammond escaped his captors just the same as Winston.

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Fans correctly assumed that Hammond would be the game's newest fighter, but incorrectly assumed he'd be a monkey, gorilla or similar, like Overwatch's Winston. Hammond shares his origin with another character in the game, Winston - a super intelligent gorilla from Horizon Lunar Colony, a map that was added to the game a year ago. His Adaptive Shield also makes him a formidable initiator who can soak up a ton of damage while engaging.

We're able to play as a hamster in a insane tank-ball, you guys. The ball-shaped mecha-which is called a Wrecking Ball-rolls in, shows off its enormous gun power, and the top opens up to reveal an adorable hamster inside.

So smaller was actually code for hamster and I'm sure everyone at Blizzard HQ is having a good laugh at the communities shocked reaction. The new hero is now available on the PTR so if you'd like to take it for a spin, you'll have to download the PTR to check it out.

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