OnePlus will release a smartphone-compatible 5G

OnePlus 6 vs. Apple iPhone X

OnePlus 6 vs. Apple iPhone X

The possible launch of the new OnePlus 7 will be May/June 2019 to coincide with the 5G rollout and OnePlus enjoys a certain edge with its existing association with the chip maker Qualcomm. He also stressed that the function of 5G will be equipped with a device, despite her stay in the testing stage.

The launch of OnePlus 7 will coincide with the first year of 5G being available in the US.

Are you excited at the possibility of a 5G-capable OnePlus phone coming to a U.S. carrier?

Lau told PCMag that OnePlus is looking to release a 5G smartphone next year. It could also help the company cement its position in the States as more people can get hold of the smartphone at a lower price than usual. OnePlus CEO Pete Lau, in a recent interview, revealed that the Chinese smartphone giant is already working with USA carriers to bring 5G connectivity to next year's OnePlus launch. The firm is apparently working with USA carriers and Qualcomm to make its first 5G phone, which will come out at around the same time as 5G being available for the first time in the United States.

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He did not specify which OnePlus model will be the first to launch with 5G support.

Here in the U.S., most of the wireless business, including phone sales, takes place directly through carriers.

USA -based customers can now purchase OnePlus products but not without paying the full price of a device at once, and this normally turns off potential customers. Several US carriers will run 5G trials by the end of 2018, but that doesn't mean that the OnePlus 6T, which is probably due in late 2018, will support 5G networks. Showcasing for the fan swarm is troublesome as it implies they need to remain over the current innovative needs and they're arranging precisely that with regards to discharging a 5G smartphone in 2019.

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