Facebook bug unblocked 'blocked'

Image Source Facebook

Image Source Facebook

Just a few months after launching Snapchat competitor, Riff, a collaborative video creation app for both iOS and Android users in 2015, Facebook plugged the plug on it.However, the tech giant said that most of the features of the app had been integrated into the main Facebook app and Messenger.

Facebook disclosed a bug that randomly unblocked people from a user's blocked list in a blog post published last Monday. According to the company, visible Facebook user data is stored in pairs called "associations".

Facebook says the bug did not reinstate any friend connections that had been terminated and that 83 percent of the 800,000 users (664,000) affected by the bug only had one blocked person temporarily unblocked - which means 136,000 users may have had multiple blocked people become unblocked while the bug was in effect. Crucially, if someone had been unblocked, they could have been able to contact the person who blocked them on Messenger. However, because of the bug, someone who was unblocked could have been able to message a user who had blocked them in the past.

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Facebook says the bug didn't re-add friends who you've unfriended, and the vast majority (83 percent) of people affected by the bug only had a single person temporarily unblocked.

"We know that the ability to block someone is important - and we'd like to apologize and explain what happened", Egan wrote.

That ex you blocked on Facebook may have had access to your posts after all. To be sure, the company's transparency and clear communication on this latest one is admirable, but you can see how it adds up to death by a thousand cuts if Facebook can't somehow turn things around when it comes to public perception.

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