Chinese tariffs on US goods take effect at start of July 6

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"The Chinese government's position has been stated many times". The EU and China agreed last month to deepen commercial ties and support trade rules.

China is pledging not to fire the "first shot" in its trade standoff with the United States, days before the Trump administration is poised to begin implementing tariffs on billions in Chinese imports. The yuan ended trading Wednesday at 6.66 to the dollar.

Chinese officials are preparing to implement them from midnight Beijing time on 6 July, Reuters reported. And China and other countries have used the WTO to their own advantage. Mr Trump has indicated he's examining leaving the WTO altogether. President Donald Trump has made it clear he prefers one-on-one negotiations to multilateral negotiations, however. But disagreements over trade soured the end of the summit, as Beijing refused to sign the joint declaration. Friction has also grown over the South China Sea and Taiwan.

This time, it appears that the catering, hospitality and entertainment sectors in the U.S. are in Beijing's crosshairs. "They send a Mercedes in, we can't send our cars in".

China's customs agency did not answer a phone call seeking comment, and its commerce ministry did not reply to a fax requesting comment.

Still, China's stance is striking given Washington's deep economic and security ties with European nations.

This is against a backdrop that Washington's first list of Chinese goods to be levied tariffs worth US$34 billion will come into effect this Friday, June 6.

Chinese President Xi Jingping has praised the "unity" of the Shanghai Cooperation Agreement (SCO) at the opening ceremony of the organization's summit in the coastal Chinese city of Quingdao.

China has issued a safety warning to its citizens travelling to the United States amid rising tensions between the sides over accusations of unfair trading practices and other disputes.

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One negative outcome for Europe, Herrero said, would be if Trump can push the Chinese into a trade agreement aimed at reducing the US trade deficit.

"There is a lot of concern I think about the effect a long term trade war might have but actually if you look at the data we're seeing, the economic data is not that bad", said Michael Hewson, chief markets analyst at CMC Markets in London. And China is expected to strike back with tariffs on a similar amount of US exports.

Another example of unfounded finger-pointing by the United States is the Made-in-China 2025 initiative.

China has promised to open up.

American business leaders fear these are the "qualitative measures" China warned it would unleash if President Donald Trump imposed tariffs on its exports to the United States.

"Whenever the train has left the station we are allowed to enter the platform", a Beijing-based European executive said. There is also concern of a spillover of terrorism from Xinjiang to major cities and provinces across China.

The EU is seeking to pass legislation to allow greater scrutiny of foreign investments.

During his meeting with Rutte, Trump also said that his administration would be meeting with European Union officials to "work something out" on trade.

The orders data closely mirror year-on-year changes in world trade volumes, suggesting last year's 4.8% rise in global merchandise trade - the strongest since 2011, according to the World Bank, and representing an extra $1.13 trillion worth of goods changing hands - is unlikely to be repeated.

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