[H]ardOCP: Samsung Phones Are Sending Pics to Random Contacts

This could be bad

This could

Deny storage permissions for Samsung Messages in the Settings, and do not forget to continue to deny them if you open the app! This, however, will also prevent you from willingly sending photos through the app. 2. Some users on the forum are complaining that the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are also facing the issue.

In one account, Reddit user Rubsumlotion claimed his Samsung Galaxy S9+ sent his "entire photo gallery over text" to his girlfriend.

A Samsung spokesperson told The Verge it's "aware of the reports" and that its technical teams are 'looking into it'. One user posted on Reddit saying that his entire Photo Album on is Galaxy S9 Plus was shared with a contact. Some users say they didn't find any record of the sent images on the Messages app. "Concerned customers are encouraged to contact us directly". The only workaround here is to disable storage permissions for Samsung Messages.

Thankfully, Samsung is aware of the issue and there's a couple of ways to safeguard your private photos while they work on a fix.

In the meantime, for Samsung owners concerned that their phone might be sending sensitive pics to random contacts, there are now two main fixes to this.

T-Mobile issued its update for the Google-backed system this week to US Samsung handsets, fueling speculation it was behind the bug.

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Samsung is due to unveil its next handset, the Galaxy Note 9, during an event in NY on 9 August.

If you use a Samsung phone and use the default Samsung Messenger app to send text messages, you probably should make sure you don't have any scandalous photos on your phone.

"Samsung has reviewed this matter thoroughly these past few days; however, there were no hardware or software issues found to be relevant to this particular case", the company said in an email to PC Mag.

The folks at Samsung are now looking into the issue.

Because Samsung Messages is presumably accessing your photos directly through the app, you can shut off its access right at the source.

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