North Korea warns U.S. attitude is 'highly REGRETTABLE' as tensions soar

Pompeo is greeted by North Korean Director of the United Front Department Kim Yong Chol and North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho as he arrives at Sunan International Airport in Pyongyang

Tension on display as US delegation meets with North Korea for second day

"We had expected that the USA side would offer constructive measures that would help build trust based on the spirit of the leaders" summit ... we were also thinking about providing reciprocal measures, ' the statement said.

The DPRK felt deep regret over the attitude of the US delegation led by Pompeo at the high-level talks held Friday and Saturday with DPRK officials, a spokesman of the country's Foreign Ministry said.

Interestingly, Pompeo's own statement appeared to try to spin the two-day visit as a success, saying a "great deal of progress" was made, and that more needs to be done, but not offering anything to suggest the talks ended badly.

"There are things that I have to clarify as well", Pompeo said.

CVID stands for complete, verifiable and irreversible dismantlement of the North's nuclear program, an oft-cited demand by Washington for Pyongyang.

United States negotiators and their North Korean counterparts discussed the idea of Pyongyang making a full declaration of its weapons of mass destruction stockpiles and setting a timeline for giving them up, Pompeo said on Saturday.

Trump raised the issue when he met with Kim in Singapore and Pompeo also talked about it during his latest visit to Pyongyang.

Before Pompeo's visit, USA officials had named the missile test engine site that the North Koreans agreed to destroy - a commitment that was also made at the Singapore summit.

The harsh statement also illustrates the risks of putting so much stock in a ceremonial summit, now that last month's meet-and-greet between Trump and Kim in Singapore is colliding with the hard-nosed reality of enormously complex nuclear negotiations. "So thinking about those discussions, you might have not slept well last night", Kim said.

North Korea says U.S. position on denuclearization "regrettable" after Pompeo talks
Analysts said that North Korea's statement was not unexpected but that there may indeed be a long way to go in U.S. The US is also seeking to repatriate the remains of American soldiers missing in North Korea for nearly 70 years.

Abe has made it a priority to resolve the issue of Japanese nationals abducted by North Korea in the 1970s and 1980s and has expressed a willingness to hold direct talks with North Korea even as questions remain over what a potential summit will yield. "Some places a great deal of progress, other places there's still more work to be done", said Pompeo, according to a pool report from usa reporters who accompanied him to Pyongyang.

Pompeo, who is on his third visit to Pyongyang, began the outreach when he was still Trump's Central Intelligence Agency director and remained the pointman on negotiations after the process became public and he became secretary of state. It was the first time he had visited North Korea since the Donald Trump-Kim Jong-un summit. Pompeo, however, said more talks were needed on both. He added that the Trump administration was committed to reaching a deal under which North Korea would denuclearise and realise economic benefits in return.

Defcon security experts said North Korea's destruction of its nuclear facility was "superficial" and "insufficient" to destroy the uranium enrichment plant.

They were expected to talk all day Saturday before Pompeo heads to Tokyo to brief Washington's Japanese and South Korean allies.

Today's meeting follows three hours of talks at the Baekhwawon state guest house in Pyongyang on Friday, following the us delegation's arrival in Pyongyang just before noon. And, he and other USA officials said the two countries, still technically at war after the 1950-53 Korean War, had set up working groups to deal with details of an agreement.

"We confirmed that security assurances will be provided to North Korea as agreed in the summit".

Just hours after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that his talks during the past two days with the North Korean government were "productive" and beneficial regarding "central issues", the communist nation's Foreign Ministry categorically disagreed, calling the meetings in Pyongyang "regrettable".

A letter from Kim to Trump was also delivered to Pompeo through Kim Yong-chol, a top North Korean party official.

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