Trump NATO pressure paying dividends in Europe, US envoy says

NATO Braces For Trump, White House Says Business As Usual

German, NATO officials wary of Trump-Putin summit - media

"For us, it is not a matter of a person, of demonization of one person, it's the rejection of the policies of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation states' governments, which are unanimously ratifying and deciding the anti-people plans, the anti-peace plans", he said.

European leaders are reportedly nervous that President Donald Trump will make good on his campaign promise to withdraw US troops from the continent if host countries fail to pay their fair share for defense.

"NATO really is making progress, and they are doing it really at President Trump's insistence", Ms. Hutchison said on "Fox News Sunday".

She said she expected unanimous agreement among NATO's 29 members on proposals to reform the alliance command structure, increase readiness for possible threats from Russian Federation on NATO's eastern flank, add a new training mission for Iraq and increase counterterrorism efforts in Afghanistan.

In June, he sent letters to several allies complaining they are not abiding by a 2014 commitment to spend 2 percent of their gross domestic product on national defense.

"The overall theme of this summit is going to be NATO's strength and unity", Hutchinson said.

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U.S. President Donald Trump shakes hands with Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko in the Oval Office at the White House in Washington, U.S. June 20, 2017.

Still, Trump has repeatedly threatened to punish countries if they don't spend enough on defense, even suggesting the US may not protect them if they don't pay their fair share.

Huntsman stressed the importance of going in to any meeting with Russian Federation "with eyes wide open".

Some diplomats fear the president will threaten to pull troops out of Europe without more spending on defence, despite U.S. denials.

Experts fear the trip could produce a repeat of the dynamics from Trump's last trip overseas, when he admonished Group of Seven allied nations at a summit in Canada before heading to Singapore, where he showered praise on one of America's longest-standing adversaries, North Korea's Kim Jong Un.

Pentagon leaders canceled military exercises there at Trump's direction but they quickly reaffirmed the United State's "ironclad commitment" to defend South Korea. USA officials said the two sides this time would be discussing Russian election meddling, Russia's incursions in the Ukraine and involvement in Syria. "We all talk about it a little differently", he said, "but the president has talked about it in his own way". In the afternoon, he will have a one-on-one meeting with Putin, followed by an expanded bilateral meeting and a working lunch before he departs for Washington.

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