Prince William congratulates England on qualifying for semi-finals

Gareth Southgate is rapidly becoming a national icon thanks to his performance at this World Cup

Gareth Southgate is rapidly becoming a national icon thanks to his performance at this World Cup

With no burden of expectations, this team has given fans something to dream about. This has been an incredible #WorldCup run and we've enjoyed every minute.

England's underdog team is set to face Croatia on Wednesday, July 11, at 2 p.m. ET.

Though the song is more than 20 years old, United Kingdom soccer fans still use "It's coming home" as a rallying cry, echoing through stadiums and social media networks alike.

What does "It's coming home" mean?

It is the de facto official hashtag of the championship; it's the definitive motto, the declaration and the battle cry nationwide.

He said: "Thanks to you lovely people, Shotgun has been number one for two weeks running". "Aye. It's coming home", will come the unvarying response. Even if that is a small stretch the Three Lions can nearly always guarantee that the English captain will be able to beat the opposing keeper when they need him most.

A file photo dated 18 June 1996 of former England midfielder Paul Gascoigne in action.

Three Lions (Football's Coming Home) was originally written for Euro 96 - the last time England qualified for the semi-finals of a major tournament - and hit the number one spot twice.

X Games star Travis Pastrana will attempt 3 Evel Knievel jumps
The jump may prove even more hard for Pastrana because changes to Caesars Palace means he will have a shorter approach and smaller run-out area.

Matt Yeo, who is marrying Sophie Wood - whom he says had to take a lot of convincing to accommodate those guests who are football fans as she is not one - has ordered a satellite dish for the post-ceremony reception.

This England World Cup campaign has had no record released to mark it, either official or unofficial.

The song's lyrics include lines like "England's gonna throw it away, gonna blow it away", "but all those oh, so nears wear you down through the years", and "thirty years of hurt".

Online streaming service Spotify reports that Three Lions was streamed almost half a million times on England's match against Colombia, and has gone through the roof following the team's Sweden win.

England's Harry Kane celebrates after he scored his side's second goal against Panama on Sunday.

"It's coming home" is the chorus of "Three Lions" by The Lightning Seeds.

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