Eight boys rescued from cave in northern Thailand

Eight boys rescued from cave in northern Thailand

Thailand Cave Rescue Saves 8 Children Trapped For Weeks Underground

President Donald Trump is congratulating the Thai navy SEALs and their worldwide partners who rescued a youth soccer team and their coach after more than two weeks of entrapment in a cave.

Officials revealed on Tuesday that the first eight boys rescued from the cavern were in good health overall and some requested bread slathered with chocolate for breakfast.

Scott, who's married to a Thai woman and spends three months a year in Thailand, said they are not pressing people over the interviews.

The 8 boys who have already been taken from the cave by diver are thought to be largely healthy after their ordeal, despite having been trapped inside the cave with little food or water for more than two weeks.

The disappearance of the boys and their novice monk turned soccer coach from this small town on the Thailand-Myanmar border - remarkably found alive nine days after they went missing June 23 - launched an extraordinary saga of worldwide cooperation and ingenuity, as experts from many fields planned how to maneuver all 13 out alive.

The 12 boys and the coach got trapped on June 23 when they set out to explore the Tham Luang cave after a soccer workout.

Graphic: The Thai cave complex where four boys and their soccer coach remain trapped is expansive, stretching about 10 km.

A group of men who had been helping pump water out of the cave for the past two weeks share a meal at a restaurant in Chiang Rai while watching news of the third and final rescue.

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Elon Musk posted photos and video from inside the cave in Thailand where four boys and their soccer coach remain trapped.

Rescue efforts over the last few days have managed to bring eight out of the 12 boys to safety, with divers going in and out of the caves to rescue them in groups of four.

The danger was highlighted by the death of a former Navy SEAL as he helped bring oxygen tanks along the route.

Federation Internationale de Football Association has invited the team to attend the World Cup final on Sunday, but doctors have said they would need to stay in hospital for at least a week to ensure they are in good health. Two have been treated for minor lung infections, doctors added.

For now the boys were being kept in isolation to try to keep them safe from infections by outsiders.

Thailand's Department of Mental Health said hospitals were working with the families to help the boys mentally recover, including by not digging for details about what they endured.

Narongsak said he was grateful for Musk's support but the equipment was impractical for the rescue mission.

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