3rd Thai cave rescue mission underway

Thailand Ministry of Public Health

Thailand Ministry of Public Health

Dr Jesada said the first group taken out, on Sunday, were aged 14 to 16 and the second group, taken out on Monday, were aged 12 to 14.

Chief of the rescue mission, Narongsak Osottanakorn, declined to comment on the identity of the four people brought out in the evening, saying updates would be supplied at a news conference that is scheduled to be held late on Monday.

Nineteen team members have entered the cave for the third rescue mission, he added.

Four boys and the coach are still trapped.

The path to save the boys proved to be life-threatening as one of the volunteer divers, an ex-Thai Navy SEALs, died while on the rescue mission.

The operation to rescue the last of the Thai football team trapped in a flooded cave could have ended in disaster, it has emerged. Another two more boys left the cave complex a short time later followed by the fourth boy.

Four boys and their football coach are waiting to make the long and arduous journey out of the cave complex. Rescue crews are anxious about the amount of air the trapped children are using, which is being drained rapidly.

They are in good physical and mental health, say doctors, despite a harrowing 18 days inside the dank, dark cave before a risky rescue operation that was dubbed "Mission: Impossible". "Everyone is in high spirits and is happy to get out".

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The members of the "Wild Boars" team, aged between 12 and 16, were guided to safety through the twisting, submerged passages of the Tham Luang cave by a team of worldwide expert divers flanked by Thai Navy SEALs over two days in a meticulously planned operation. It was 10 days before the boys were miraculously located, and the remaining five have been in the cave for eight days. He said a medic and three SEALS in the cave, who've been looking after those trapped, will also come out.

Today's fantastic news ends a 17-day ordeal after the boys and their coach were trapped inside the cave on June 23.

Four more of the boys were carried on stretchers out of the cave on Monday, bringing to eight the total number brought out so far after two rescues in successive days.

While the boys are in good health, two may have mild lung infection. But the early signs were promising, with X-rays and blood tests showing just two had signs of pneumonia and that they were in a "normal state" after taking antibiotics, Jedsada said.

He said, "the kids are footballers so they have high immune systems".

One wrote on Twitter: "Adelaide doctor Richard Harris stopped his holiday to help those Thai boys".

The rescue missions take almost half a day to complete.

The Space-X and Tesla founder arrived in Thailand with a miniature "kid sized" submarine Monday.

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