Battle begins over Trump’s Supreme Court pick

2006 Kavanaugh discusses Roe v. Wade

Hero or villain? Trump's court pick is in for a fight

President Trump's nominee for the next Supreme Court justice, Brett Kavanaugh, will draw scrutiny from Congress and the press as he proceeds through the confirmation process.

Kavanaugh, 53, the federal appellate court judge whom Trump nominated Monday to succeed retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy, has said he would honor Supreme Court precedent on various issues, including abortion. The panel will launch confirmation hearings later this summer.

"I will talk to my colleagues", Democratic Senator Kamala Harris told AFP, referring to Collins and Murkowski, as well as the three red-state Democrats, each of whom voted for Trump's first Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch previous year. Zilch", Manchin said. "I've been here eight years.

"Getting the band back together again is a good way to put it", Beach said.

Whether or not their opposition was predetermined, the Democratic leadership in the Senate is ready to stand beside the Women's March in the effort to block Kavanaugh. As a Circuit Court judge, Kavanaugh issued one ruling concerning abortion.

There are two Republican senators, Susan Collins of ME, and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, who are being watched closely because of their pro-abortion rights stances and their votes against the repeal of the Affordable Care Act - "Obamacare". They are entering the public discourse just as Robert Mueller, the special counsel, has suggested he may subpoena the president as part of his inquiry into whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russians to influence the 2016 election, and whether Trump obstructed justice.

"The American people should have their eyes wide open to these stakes", said Sen. Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer has promised to protect abortion rights.

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GOP officials have told CNN they are targeting a confirmation hearing in late August - an aggressive timeline, but one that would set up a mid-September vote. Before that, Kavanaugh worked for Bush in the White House and during his election recount with Democratic opponent Al Gore in 2000. We need your help in the coming days to ensure your USA senators vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh. But barring some previously unreported damning information on Kavanaugh coming out, President Trump's nominee will be confirmed, and should be.

"I have Trump nomination BINGO!" he exclaimed.

Both sides have begun airing ads gearing up for a long summer confirmation battle that will stretch into fall.

Democrats have had an advantage in enthusiasm over the past year, but a high court fight could offset that advantage, producing larger Republican Senate gains in November and possibly minimizing Democratic gains in the House.

Democrats are increasingly critical of Kavanaugh - in the wake of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into the campaign's collusion with Russian Federation - for once penning an article saying presidents shouldn't face investigations and lawsuits, calling them "time-consuming and distracting", the Dallas Morning News reported. That group includes Sen. Donnelly has not, to my knowledge, praised the nominee the way Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, D-N.D., could be a swing voter.

"They had signs printed out for all four of the different people who might have been picked so that they could have their mad libs protests - use your sharpie and fill in whoever the devil's going to be that's supposedly going to end the world before he's even been picked", continued Sasse. "In law school I learned that no person is above the law". Lindsey Graham, R-S.C. - Schumer and his Democratic colleagues were gaming out a line of questioning that, they hope, will create a perception that a Justice Kavanaugh would compromise the independence of the court.

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