Gowdy to Strzok: 'I Don't Give a Damn What You Appreciate'

Peter Strzok the FBI agent facing criticism following a series of anti Trump text messages walks to gives a deposition before the House Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington. Strzok whose anti-Trump

WATCH LIVE: FBI Deputy Assistant Director Peter Storzok testifies before House Judiciary Committee

The FBI agent's anti-Trump text messages sent to Page, with whom he was having an affair, have come under scrutiny by congressional Republicans and the Justice Department's internal watchdog.

FBI Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok testifies before a House Committees on the Judiciary and Oversight & Government Reform joint hearing on "Oversight of FBI and DOJ Actions Surrounding the 2016 Election" in Washington, U.S., July 12, 2018.

The "we'll stop it" text is considered Strzok's most controversial text message to have surfaced.

Rep. Trey Gowdy, the Oversight Committee chair, added, "Agent Strzok had Hillary Clinton winning the White House before he finished investigating her. Agent Strzok had Donald Trump impeached before he even started investigating him. At every step, at every investigative decision, there are multiple layers of people above me. and multiple layers of people below me. all of whom were involved in all of these decisions".

She noted, however, that Strzok appeared to give "some conflicting testimony" regarding that particular text message.

You need to understand that was written late at night, off the cuff, and it was in response to a series of events that included then-candidate Trump insulting the immigrant family of a fallen war hero, and my presumption based on that awful, disgusting behavior that the American population would not elect someone demonstrating that behavior to be president of the United States. He said it was his personal view, written late at night and off-the-cuff, of "horrible, disgusting behavior" by the Republican presidential candidate.

"Let me be clear, unequivocally and under oath: not once in my 26 years of defending my nation did my personal opinions impact any official action I took", he will say.

The agent also called Trump an "idiot" in an August 2015 message and texted "God Hillary should win 100,000,000 - 0" after a March 2016 GOP debate.

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Zilch", Manchin said. "I've been here eight years. "Getting the band back together again is a good way to put it", Beach said. Both sides have begun airing ads gearing up for a long summer confirmation battle that will stretch into fall.

"This investigation is not politically motivated", Strzok said.

Strzok also said he was one of the few people during the 2016 US election who knew the details of Russian election interference and its possible connections with people in the Trump orbit, and that information could have derailed Trump's election chances. Strzok said, but was cut off by Gowdy. "But", he said, "the thought of exposing that information never crossed my mind".

Strzok worked on FBI investigations into both Clinton's use of an email server and potential co-ordination between Russian Federation and Trump's campaign.

Republicans, unsatisfied with Strzok's explanations Thursday, remained on the offensive throughout the hearing.

"Mr. Strzok and others inside the Federal Bureau of Investigation and DOJ turned our system of justice on its head", he said. The text and emails may have been discovered in May of 2017, but the bias existed and was manifest a year and a half before that.

"But that is, thus far, what we have found".

A joint House hearing to question an FBI agent who worked on investigations involving both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton quickly devolved into chaos as Republicans demanded he answer questions about the Russian Federation investigation. First, it mounted a cautious investigation of what almost everyone now acknowledges was a comprehensive effort by Russian Federation to help Trump get elected, an effort that people on the Trump campaign and even in Donald Trump's own family tried to cooperate with. - Goodlatte threatened Strzok with contempt of Congress.

An argument ensued between Goodlatte and Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.), the committee's ranking member, who contended that Gowdy was putting Strzok in an "impossible position". "You don't have to take my word for it", he continued. Bernie Sanders. He said there was "simply no evidence of bias in my professional actions".

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