Syria thwarts Israeli strike on Quneitra

Israel will not ‘rule out’ ties with Syrian govt – Defence minister

Netanyahu May Offer Putin US Sanctions Relief for Ousting Iran From Syria

"The aircraft of the Israeli enemy launches a number of missiles at several army positions" in the southwestern province of Quneitra, causing material damage, it said.

None of the reports have been confirmed, and there was no comment from Israel.

He added that military officials believe the drone was Syrian and that it could have been on an intelligence collecting mission, but it was not yet clear if it purposely entered Israel or strayed from its path.

The military quickly recovered the fragments of the drone in an area south of the lake. "We'll see", he said.

Israel has repeatedly said it will not allow Iran to establish a permanent presence in a postwar Syria.

Israel has been on alert in recent weeks over fightin in southern Syria, warning that ceasefire lines between the two countries must be respected.

In the heaviest Israeli firing since the start of the Syrian War, the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, said the strikes killed at least 23 military personnel, including Syrians and non-Syrians.

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Russian Federation on Wednesday that Israel does not intend to threaten Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's rule and asked Moscow to work to remove Iranian forces from Syria, an Israeli official said. Israel captured much of the strategic plateau in the 1967 war with Syria and annexed it in a move not recognised internationally.

The Emek HaYarden region is located southwest of the Golan, near Syria.

They said: "Earlier tonight, Wednesday July 11th, the IDF targeted three military posts in Syria in response to the infiltration of the Syrian UAV into Israel that was intercepted by the IDF earlier today".

In April 2017, a Syrian military drone was shot down by a Patriot missile.

"The Patriot aerial defense system identified the threat and tracked it until its interception". A Syrian commander said the drone was engaged in local operations.

"We know about your concerns, let's have a thorough talk about them", Putin told Netanyahu before reporters were asked to leave the room.

"We won't take action against the Assad regime, and you get the Iranians out", the official, who requested anonymity, quoted Netanyahu as telling Russia's Vladimir Putin during a meeting in Moscow, according to Reuters news agency.

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