Donald Trump releases 'very nice' letter from Kim Jong Un

Trump: Kim Will Get 'Rocket Man' CD Later, Plus Surprise 'Little Gift'

South Korea’ Moon says North Korea-U.S. talks ‘on track,’ criticism a ploy

At last month's Singapore summit, in an agreement with U.S. President Donald Trump, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un promised the "immediate repatriation of those already identified".

President Donald Trump tweeted on Thursday a flattering letter from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un that followed up on June's historic summit in Singapore.

Moon said he believed Trump and Kim would eventually make good on the promise made before the global community.

When relations between Kim and South Korea, and then the United States, seemed to thaw, those three banks notified South Korean Deputy Prime Minister Kim Dong-yeon last month of their willingness to participate in North Korea's economic development, according to a report in the Korea Times.

North Korean officials did not show up to a planned meeting with U.S. officials at the demilitarized zone Thursday, where they were expected to continue discussions on repatriating the remains of Americans killed during the Korean War, a senior United States official tells CNN.

The US military also announced that 100 wooden coffins had been dispatch to Panmunjom to receive the remains, although repatriation has yet to take place.

State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said the North Koreans called around midday to say the meeting would be delayed until July 15. "We had anticipated the USA side would come with a constructive idea, thinking we would take something in return", a foreign ministry official said in a statement.

But in stark contrast, Pyongyang's take was overwhelmingly negative, with the North warning that the future of the peace process was being jeopardized by "unilateral and gangster-like" U.S. demands for its nuclear disarmament. Great progress being made!

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Citing an unidentified South Korean official, Yonhap reported that the North Koreans wanted to speak with an American general, possibly as early as Sunday.

Trump also announced that the USA would suspend "war games" with South Korea.

But the president's optimistic outlook about North Korea's willingness to denuclearize and steps in that direction have been brought into question, after an NBC report claiming North Korea has been expanding a nuclear facility.

Kim's note, which Trump included in his Twitter post with an image of the letter in Korean and an English-language translation of it, struck a positive tone.

South Korea's Yonhap news agency reported that North Korea had called for general-level military negotiations to discuss the return of USA remains. "We will be ready".

But Pyongyang warned that the future of the peace process was being jeopardised by "unilateral and gangster-like" United States demands.

However, recovery efforts were suspended when the relationship between both countries worsened, as the North began the advancement of its nuclear programme.

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