FT: UK shifts Brexit focus for financial services sector

Boris Johnson quits as British foreign minister

Can the turmoil keep sterling down?

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has been named as Mr Johnson's replacement as foreign secretary.

But the plan has caused outrage among eurosceptic members of May's Conservative party, and Raab's predecessor David Davis and foreign minister Boris Johnson dramatically quit this week in protest.

"But the resignation of Brexit Secretary David Davis, and some opportunist goal hanging by Boris Johnson, has cut exporters" celebrations short.

Under Conservative Party rules, a confidence vote in a leader can be triggered if 15 percent of Conservative lawmakers - now 48 - write a letter requesting one.

But rumours swirled about a possible leadership challenge, amid reports that MPs were submitting letters to challenge May to the party's influential 1922 committee.

Writing for the Metro, he said: "The departure of two bombastic characters, both of whom have caused constant headaches for Number 10, has forced May into a position that many of her allies have always been urging her to take: one of defiance".

Brexiteer ringleader Jacob Rees-Mogg declared the plan "does not respect the referendum result" while Tory MPs lined up to condemn the plans in Parliament. Finally, on July 6, May made her choice, opting for an approach that would require the U.K.to accept certain European Union rules on goods and products but reject its regulations for services-a kind of softish Brexit that she hoped European Union leaders might accept, even if the hard-liners in her Cabinet did not.

Mr Johnson does not pull any punches, saying Brexit "should be about opportunity and hope" and a "chance to do things differently", but "that dream is dying, suffocated by needless self-doubt".

European Council President Donald Tusk said Monday that "the mess caused by Brexit is the biggest problem in the history of EU-UK relations and it is still very far from being resolved".

In the immediate aftermath of the Cabinet signing up to Theresa May's soft Brexit strategy on Friday, the odds of a Conservative leadership contest in 2018 were 2/1.

All eyes are now on the next move by Brexit hardliners in May's centre-right Conservative Party.

Mr Davis, who has been Brexit Secretary since Mrs May became prime minister in 2016, said he had made compromises since taking on the role, but this was "one compromise too far".

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"I can not support the direction of travel in the Brexit negotiations", she added.

Gove told ITV he was "absolutely not" planning to resign.

A 98-page report setting out the Government's demands to Brussels would mean European Union workers will still be allowed rights to travel to Britain temporarily.

He said: "We will look carefully at each and any proposal of United Kingdom, but these proposals must be workable". One described accepting European Union rules as "the ultimate betrayal".

What was the reaction in the Commons?

If Davis's resignation rattled May, Johnson's shook the foundations of her government.

The plan has unleashed a rebellion by Brexit hardliners who fear it may prevent Britain from concluding free-trade agreements with third countries and effectively turn the country into a "vassal state" or "colony" of the EU.

What has been the reaction from the EU?

What does it all mean for Brexit?

"And we should all get ready for all scenarios, including a no-deal scenario".

May appointed staunchly pro-Brexit lawmaker Dominic Raab as the country's new Brexit secretary.Many pro-Brexit lawmakers were furious at what they saw as a sell-out of the clean Brexit they desire.

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