North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit: Trump hails alliance spending promises after crisis meeting

NATO Alliance Summit in Brussels

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Bulgarian President Rumen Radev confirmed that Trump had made the demand and asked what it meant for the future of the alliance that has been the bedrock of European security for 70 years. He also declared that he believes in the alliance.

Before leaving Brussels, Trump played down the protests but acknowledged that he expected tension in Britain, which also was reeling from its soccer team's defeat in the World Cup semifinals. Alice, welcome back. Welcome home. NPR's Alice Fordham is in Brussels on Skype. "'We want to find out about Syria" as one of the topics, he said. So he says that he has gotten them to commit to move much faster than ever before. So NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, is pretty anxious about global security right now, especially growing threats from Russian Federation.

Trudeau chose his words more carefully this time around, although he did acknowledge that everyone knew going in that the president wanted his fellow North Atlantic Treaty Organisation members to carry more of the financial burden. And after the end of the Cold War almost 30 years ago - because it has been pretty peaceful, their armies and defense forces have gotten maybe a little threadbare. "It confirms the goal of 2 percent by 2024". And he's been complaining about this, berating European countries, especially Germany on Twitter, in person.

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal reported Trump as saying "I'll do my own thing" if spending is not immediately increased.

One problem with meeting even the 2 percent target is math: The numbers are as dependent on shifts in economic growth as they are on changes in defense spending. But it is true that they have mostly not done it yet.

Trump finally managed to hold Melania's hand. He also said the other leaders had thanked him for raising the issue of how to support NATO's operations.

Trump claimed member nations had agreed to boost their defense budgets significantly and reaffirmed - after days of griping that the USA was being taken advantage of by its allies - that the US remains faithful to the accord.

Right before his departure, Donald Trump gathered reporters for an impromptu press conference - never good.

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"They agreed to pay more and they agreed to pay it more quickly", he said, though he did not name countries or give a timeline or figure.

Adding to his extraordinary takedown of May, Trump praised Boris Johnson, who stepped down this week as foreign secretary over Brexit. So it was very theatrical.

Trump's comments come ahead of his summit in Helsinki, Finland with Putin.

Trump had opened the first day of talks on 11 July with a public diatribe against Germany, the second biggest state in the Western defence alliance, criticising its reliance on Russian gas imports and failure to spend more on defence. What were you hearing from people there? The president replied, "I think I probably can, but that's unnecessary". "I'm a very stable genius", Trump said.

KELLY: And remind us what those were.

ULRIKE FRANKE: It would have been good to take this meeting as an occasion to address these.

"As for Germany's dependence (on Russia) as a major gas buyer we can not agree with this premise", Peskov told reporters on a conference call. "I mean, I think they like me a lot in the United Kingdom, I think they agree with me on immigration".

The US Senate voted almost unanimously on Thursday (15 June) for legislation to impose new sanctions on Russian Federation and force President Donald Trump to get Congress' approval before easing any existing sanctions on Russian Federation.

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