Uhuru loses followers, Raila gains in Twitter purge

Twitter purge

Why President Trump Just Lost Over 100,000 Twitter Followers

The most popular accounts have more than 100 million followers, and Donald Trump is far down the list with 53.1 million.

The social network said "most" people will lose "four followers or fewer", but prominent Twitter accounts "will experience a more significant drop".

Twitter said Wednesday it was purging the "locked" accounts in part to increase trust in and transparency about the service.

The volume of losses from Trudeau and Harper's accounts may have something to do with having millions of followers, compared to most other top political accounts in Canada that average around a few hundred thousand followers.

The New York Times reported that among those who lost followers were the current and former commanders in chief.

According to Twitter, the new measures are aimed at improving accuracy in a bid to make the site a "more trusted service for public conversation". That represents nearly 2.5% of their respective followers.

Twitter had warned that as a result of the move, the number of followers displayed on many profiles may go down.

When the Times story was published, McHenry had 506,478 followers, meaning she's lost almost 56 percent of her Twitter followers since January.

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Rosenstein's announcement came just ahead of a meeting between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, with whom he has sought warmer relations.

If the owner doesn't respond and reset their password, Twitter locks the account.

Twitter announced yesterday that they would be purging millions of accounts today.

Accounts are locked for unusual activity, such as tweeting a large amount of unsolicited replies or mentions.

Meanwhile, Twitter accounts across the globe saw a drop in their follower count as the micro-blogging site removed "locked accounts" - accounts which have not validated their ownership.

It's always been an open secret that numerous Twitter users rely on bogus accounts and bots to inflate their follower count.

Trump's institutional account "POTUS" gained 8,339 followers on Thursday and lost 90,386 followers on Friday.

President Trump, who uses his Twitter account, a bit too frequently some might say, speak his mind, lost about 340,000 followers, which is a small number compared to former President Barack Obama, who lost 3 million followers.

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