Mother, Daughter Killed by Boulder That Fell From Truck

Karen Christiansen 67 and her 32-year-old daughter Jena died when an 800 lb. boulder was dislodged from a dump truck that had gone over some train tracks. The driver of the truck was arrested

Man arrested after rock falls from lorry and kills mum and daughter

The vehicle sits in the driveway for about two minutes and then the driver turns the truck around.

According to ABC News, 67-year-old Karen Christiansen and her daughter, 32-year-old Jena Christiansen, were driving on Rich Valley Road in Rosemount, Minnesota, around 4:50 p.m. on Monday when an 800-pound boulder fell off of a pickup in front of them.

"What sad about this is it could have been prevented", Rosemount Police Chief Mitchell Scott told the outlet.

The press release from the police department further stated that the driver of the truck, Joe P. Czeck, had been arrested.

Scott said a captured the truck driving from the accident scene, while the license number and the company's name of the vehicle weren't visible.

Czeck, of Hastings, was arrested after police found his landscaping truck Wednesday night.

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The horrific accident happened in Minneapolis, Minn., with the Christiansens pronounced dead at the scene afterwards.

"It was actually the suspect vehicle - by having that photo, we are able to do our police work and pounding the pavement", Scott said. "That's why it's so important to slow down and make sure loads are secure, because you're taking other people's lives in your hands".

Restaurant manager Jena's boyfriend Ryan Killian said afterwards: 'She is the most awesome person I have ever met. She's so smart and handsome. "She would do anything for anyone who needed help, she loved her family so much, she had an fantastic sense of humour".

"I literally have spent hours just talking to her". You can see the boulder's in the back.

Investigators figured out the truck belonged to Czeck Services, which led them to the driver.

Following the boulder's impact, police investigators pulled camera footage from the roads near the crash site, the Pioneer Press reported. She was the general manager of many locations.

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