The Blockbuster from 'Last Week Tonight' just closed

Blockbuster is down to one retail location in the United States

Blockbuster Down to Final U.S. Location Getty Kevork Djansezian 13 Jul 2018

Blockbuster's last remaining location will officially be Bend, Oregon.

The Associated Press reports that two Alaska locations in Anchorage and Fairbanks will close for business on Sunday, then begin selling their remaining stock on Tuesday. They will then reopen the next day through the end of August exclusively to sell off their remaining inventory. But to the best of her knowledge, after the Alaska stores close, her location will be the only one left in America.

He thanked customers in the Facebook post announcing the stores" closure: "Thank you for sticking by us throughout all these years.

A long, long time ago, people had to travel to brick and motor stores to pay money to rent movies. What a great time to build your media library and share some Blockbuster memories with us. While the stores could remain profitable for a few more years, this closing has to happen at some point. The Wasilla, North Pole and Soldotna stores closed this year, as did another Anchorage location near the intersection of Old Seward Highway and Huffman Road. Alongside Blockbuster, there are also other independent video stores in Anchorage and Fairbanks. These stores lasted so long, given the long winters and lack of high-speed internet.

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Now, the managers told the Anchorage Daily News the memorabilia will likely go back to its owner, and residents will have to find their movies another way.

"How exciting", said the Bend store's general manager Sandi Harding. According to Deadline, at Blockbuster's peak it had "more than 9,000 stores, half outside the U.S., and employed more than 84,000 people worldwide".

In 2013, there were thirteen Blockbuster stores in Alaska, which fell to nine by 2016.

Blockbuster filed for bankruptcy way back in 2010. But Blockbuster faithfuls knew it could never replace the authenticity of a physical store. While most states got rid of them years ago, Alaska was still holding onto the largest cluster of Blockbusters. "It just seems a little insane".

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