Donald Trump visibly annoyed by question over incendiary Brexit comments

B.C. cavers say local rescue programs underfunded

B.C. cavers say local rescue programs underfunded

Chuck Schumer and Ron Wyden - to pressure President Trump to cancel his highly anticipated summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"Some people have asked whether our Brexit deal is just a starting point from which we will regress", she said. She said it Trump attends this meeting that he must demand Putin come clean about Russian interference in our elections, and discontinue any further interference in our democracy.

"We hope that you will use the opportunity of a meeting with Mr. Putin to advance a well-coordinated USA message, supported by senior leaders in your own administration, to hold Russian Federation accountable for its unacceptable behavior", the letter said.

When the summit was announced, Mr Trump said "getting along with Russian Federation and with China and with everybody is a very good thing", and they would discuss the conflicts in Syria and Ukraine and "many other subjects".

Protester Leo Murray, one of the blimp's "babysitters", said: "We were inundated with messages from friends and allies in Scotland asking us to bring Trump baby up, so we really wanted to make sure that he could be a part of the unbelievable spread of protests taking place over the weekend".

May declined to agree, saying that "over the years, overall, immigration has been good for the U.K".

British Prime Minister Theresa May warned her divided party Sunday that there may be "no Brexit at all" if they wrecked her plan to forge a close relationship with the European Union after leaving the world's biggest trading bloc. I am just saying I think he would be a great Prime Minister. I actually told Theresa May how to do it, but she didn't listen to me."Asked about that interview, Trump said he had not criticised May, lavishing praise on "a terrific woman", who was smart, tough and capable".

But, as the two leaders stood together for a press conference, Trump said the British leader was doing a "fantastic job".

Trump said Queen Elizabeth, 92, was a "fantastic woman", adding: "up close, you see she's so attractive... and she's got a lotta years left".

Ms. May, likewise, glossed over the comments.

White House forgets Scotland is part of UK
Trump says he will bring up election meddling with Putin, but according to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, only Putin, Mr. Many carried placards with messages including "Dump Trump", "Love Trumps Hate", "Tweet off Twitter twit" and "Bolt ya rocket".

Later on Friday, the president was due to pay a visit to Windsor Castle where he and First Lady Melania Trump will have tea with Queen Elizabeth II.

"I would give our relationship with the United Kingdom the highest level of special".

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of protesters marched against the United States president through central London, bringing much of the capital to a standstill. Her Conservative government is deeply split between supporters of a clean break with the European Union and those who want to keep close ties with the bloc, Britain's biggest trading partner.

But after talks with Mrs May he claimed "tremendous things" he said about her had been left out of the Sun story.

Trump also said that former Foreign Secretary Johnson - who disagrees with May on Brexit and resigned this week - would make a "great prime minister", adding: "I think he's got what it takes".

Top Senate Democrats are doubling down on calls for President Donald Trump not to meet one-on-one with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday. He was heralded by military bands on his arrival at the 92-year-old monarch's home where her grandson Prince Harry married USA actress Meghan Markle in May.

Khan said pro-Trump supporters would march on Saturday, although some were present on Friday, separated from the main demonstration by police.

One day after 12 Russian intelligence officers were charged with hacking emails during the 2016 election, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said there was no indication that the coming midterms were being attacked by Russia in the same way.

Lawmakers also urged Trump to act on the advice of other federal agencies, saying "you must rely on the expertise and the experts of the State Department Defense Department, CIA and other USA government agencies - not wing it on your own".

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