Video shows officers using coin flip app to decide on speeding arrest

Roswell GA police made an arrest rather than ticket a driver based on a coin toss

Roswell GA police made an arrest rather than ticket a driver based on a coin toss

The woman they pulled over said she's dismayed by the officers' coin flip approach.

- The Roswell Police Department placed two of their own officers on paid administrative leave for allegedly deciding the fate of a woman by using an electronic coin flip app. Despite the fact it came up tails. the cops opted to arrest Webb. Brown had tagged Webb for speeding as well as reckless driving since the roads were wet. Officers Courtney Brown and Kristee Wilson were trying to decide whether to simply give Webb a ticket for reckless driving or arrest her. and opted for a coin flip.

The officers then agree that if it's heads, she would be arrested and if tails, she would receive the ticket.

The virtual coin lands tails, but the officers chose to arrest Webb, anyway. Now, amid our investigation, both officers are on administrative leave.

The officers are being dubbed #CoinFlipCops.

"This is tails, right?"

Officer Brown: "Yeah. So release?"

Twenty-three is a Roswell police code for arrest.

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But there are no indications they had similar conduct there, he said. The other officer responds, "Yeah, so release?" followed by the first officer saying "23".

Webb had already spent a few hours in jail and had her vehicle impounded by the arresting officer despite her boyfriend showing up to retrieve it.

Roswell Police Chief Rusty Grants told WSB-TV he was appalled when he found out about the incident from an internal department source earlier this month.

"I believe that this is not the first time they have done this because they did it easily - they knew right where to go for the coin toss in the app; they thought it was cute", she said. "WEBB was placed in custody in Smith & Wesson handcuffs which were double locked and seated in the rear of my patrol vehicle".

WXIA-TV reported the department denied Webb's request to see the video. He said he couldn't discuss details as the investigation is ongoing.

"Wow, these people put my freedom in the hands of a coin flip", she said.

"She said, "I have watched the videos and I absolutely refuse to prosecute this case", Webb said.

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