Amazon Prime Day: All of Retail's Woes in One Sale?

Amazon Prime Day 2018 Nintendo Switch Gaming Bundle Mystery Deal

Amazon's Prime Day is set to be $1.2 billion bigger than last year, analyst says (AMZN)

The UK version of Amazon Prime Day started earlier on today - with two Nintendo Switch bundles and lots of games and accessories on offer - so we're hopeful for a similar showing for the US.

Sales for the event are projected to shatter last year's total by 40% and become Amazon's new single day record, breaking its 2017 Cyber Monday haul.

Amazon is set to rake in $3.6 billion in sales this Prime Day - a full $1.2 billion more than past year, one analyst predicts.

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At the time of writing, the below are pending prime day deals yet to be activated - Amazon Prime Day kicks off at 3pm EST. However, the retailer countered criticisms of its downtime by insisting that, for some users, there are no problems.

Amazon created Prime Day in 2015 to mark its 20th anniversary, and its success has inspired other e-commerce companies to invent shopping holidays. "If you look at membership over the last few years, it's grown significantly more than expectations". In previous years Amazon have given its Prime members exclusive deals on instruments, accessories and more.

While Amazon doesn't disclose sales figures for Prime Day, Deborah Weinswig, CEO of Coresight Research, had estimated that it will generate $3.4 billion in sales worldwide, up from an estimated $2.4 billion a year ago. The Prime model adds monthly and annual fees into Amazon's coffers, and Prime members spend more on the site than shoppers without the subscription. Target also announced a one-day sale to rival Amazon on Tuesday for "everyone-no membership required". If you haven't yet, sign up here for Amazon Prime, and enjoy a 30-day free trial.

Got Audible? Amazon is offering three months of Audible for $4.95 a month, a deep discount off the usual $14.95.

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