Google Phone app on Android can auto-filter spam calls to voicemail

Google's Phone app will start blocking out unwanted calls on its own

Google's Phone app will start blocking out unwanted calls on its own

To use caller ID and spam protection, your phone may need to send information about your calls to Google.

The Google Phone app helped users deal with spam by displaying a red background whenever it detects a suspected spam call.

Despite being on the Do Not Call list, I've somehow managed to make it onto some sort of robocall list where a woman named "Ann" is trying to sell me insurance. Now, Google has jumped into the fray to weed out spam calls with its Google Phone app. Your phone won't ring, and you won't get a missed call notification. Tap the call you want to report as spam and then select "Block/report spam" from the menu (not everyone has the report as spam option).

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Tap More More and then Settings and then Caller ID & spam. Although third-party applications have existed on the App Store for preventing and blocking spam calls, there has been no guarantee about their efficiency of detecting these calls.

Once the latest version of the Phone app is installed, just go to the settings menu and the Caller ID & Spam section. The spam protection is set by default to "on" on a user's phone, which can be turned off manually. Then you'll see the "Filter suspected spam calls" option and you'll have to turn that on as well.

The Google Phone spam filter, however, may not be able to catch all unwanted calls. Users will then be asked if they want to block the number. To mark a number a spam, they will have to open the Phone app and go to recent.

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