Indonesia mob kills 300 crocodiles as man dies after entering breeding pond

2018 shows dead crocodiles slaughtered by a mob in Sorong in Indonesia's Papua province. An angry mob has slaughtered nearly 300 crocodiles in Indonesia after a local man was killed by one of the reptiles authorities said on J

Indonesian mob slaughters ‘hundreds’ of crocodiles in revenge attack

Local media reported officials saying the mob first attacked the office of the crocodile farm and then went on to slaughter all 292 reptiles at the sanctuary.

A mob, armed with knives, shovels and hammers, has slaughtered almost 300 crocodiles in retaliation for a man's death.

Images from the scene showed dozens of dead crocodiles lying on top of each other and covered in blood after the attack at a breeding farm in Papua province.

"To prevent this from happening again, farming license holders need to secure surrounding areas", he said, according to Reuters.

Photos showed the crocodiles had been placed in a large pit in the ground, along with wood for kindling, and set alight.

The man's funeral was attended by over 600 people who later went to the farm with weapons, including machetes and hoes, among other sharp objects.

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Manullang said his agency was coordinating with the police in their investigation into the incident.

Officials say on Friday morning, a local man named Sugitno was trespassing in a crocodile breeding sanctuary owned by PT Mitra Lestari Abadi (MLA) to pick up some vegetables.

Authorities said police were outnumbered and unable to stop the violence.

The brutal massacre of the reptiles was truly uncalled for as the villager, who was attacked by crocodiles, had wandered into a licensed sanctuary that breeds endangered saltwater and New Guinea crocodiles and had reportedly fallen into an enclosure of the reptiles. Criminal charges may be laid, they said.

"For now we are still questioning the witnesses", said Dewa Made Sidan Sutrahna, the Sorong district's police chief.

The Southeast Asian archipelago is home to a vast array of wildlife, including several species of crocodile that regularly attack and kill humans. Crocodiles are protected animals in Indonesia.

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