Kerber stuns Serena's bid in Wimbledon final

Angelique Kerber beats Serena Williams for Wimbledon title

Wimbledon: Meghan Markle & Kate Middleton to cheer on Serena Williams | Daily Star

In an eagerly awaited rematch of the last time they met, it was a very different Angelique Kerber facing Serena Williams in a Wimbledon final.

Such is the German's intensity and focus, she might not even notice any celebrity faces gathered around this rectangle of grass. I have so much to look forward to. "I'm trying to focus on my team and my box and trying to focus on the tennis", said Kerber.

Serena Williams' husband, tech boss Alexis Ohanian, has shown the world why he's her Mr.

There will be a couple of duchesses in attendance on Saturday.

Exactly two months after taking a front-row seat at Meghan's wedding to the Duke of Sussex in Windsor, Williams will take centre stage in her bid for an eighth singles title at the Championships. I'm sure you will have your next Grand Slam title soon. Williams was mostly her own undoing, too: She was responsible for the final's initial six unforced errors. Knowing that no matter what happens, I have awesome support and unconditional love.

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If she wins on Saturday, she will become the first to lift the Venus Rosewater Dish since Goolagong triumphed 38 years ago.

It will take time, no doubt, for Kerber to appreciate her achievement. "I know when she gets to hold her again it will be pure heaven", one fan responded. I think I'm the next one after Steffi who won.

"Yeah, it's been a insane 10 months", she said on Thursday. She calls out racism and sexism for what it is, refuses to be cowed by her haters and speaks out to encourage other women to push back against this kind of nonsense.

The left-hander scurried along the baseline, this way and that, using a combination of quickness and anticipation to track down what often appeared to be winners for Williams but were not enough to end a point. They shared all their moments, ' she added.

"It was only her 14th match back". She is a force to be reckoned with, exuding grace and power, a true queen of the court - absorbing negativity and transforming it into positive, title-winning energy.

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