No Man's Sky NEXT Trailer Shows Off Multiplayer Space Exploration on PS4

No Man’s Sky NEXT Is An Absolutely Huge Update Shannon Grixti

No Man’s Sky NEXT Is An Absolutely Huge Update Shannon Grixti

A new free update is set to expand the game - and add a third person mode to the space-exploring adventure. But with NEXT, all of that hits 11.

"It was broad in a way that nearly no other game is, but with four updates it has become broader and so much deeper too". But now, Hello Games has pulled back the curtains to give everyone a first look at the complete multiplayer implementation. The game will also come to Xbox One for the first time on the same day. Everyone who owns the game will be able to download the update for free, which most notably features the long-awaited addition of multiplayer.

Check out the trailer above to get excited for the new content headed to the game - although some will say these features should have been included in the game since launch, there has never been a better time to check the exploration-based game out than now.

In No Man's Sky Next's multiplayer, you can either team up with a small group of friends or you can choose to be paired with random players.

You can help friends to stay alive, or prey on others to survive. Whether you decide to create your own complex colonies to thrive on various planets or small tactical shelters, you'll finally be able to make a name for yourself in the massive game.

Fight as a pirate or a wingman in epic space battles with friends and enemies. "The character customisation allows you to personalise your appearance".

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Improved space visuals that make the game even more lovely.

Dramatically improved planetary terrain generation, ground textures, water and clouds bring the environment to life. Additionally, there's "also significantly more detail added to ships, NPCs and buildings". Speaking of bases, the Next update adds hundreds of new components and increases the maximum size of structures.

Build bases anywhere on any planet.

Freighter Fleets - You can now command a fleet of giant ships. Players can also now create and upgrade a fleet of freighters that can help you explore. Freighter base building has also been extended. They can invite friends aboard their spacecraft and take on "challenging" multiplayer missions from the Galactic Commision Station on their ship's bridge.

No Man's Sky launched to much fanfare in the summer of 2016 but most would universally agree that it was a major letdown.

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