Trump says North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies have agreed to increase defence spending

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AFP GETTYAngela Merkel has cancelled her summer holiday for the first time in ten years

"Everyone's agreed to substantially up their commitment". Of the alliance, he said it was "very unified, very strong, no problem". "I'm very consistent. I'm a very stable genius".

Her comments now are likely to be seen as an attempt to to deal with a hard issue ahead of Mr Trump's first visit to the United Kingdom as president. He had dinner with Trump along with other heads of state.

"I think it's fine", Trump said when asked about the protests. "It's a very effective way of negotiating".

Leaders from North Atlantic Treaty Organisation member and partner states met for a two-day summit, overshadowed by strong demands from US President Trump for most North Atlantic Treaty Organisation member countries to spend more on defense. "Commitments were made. Only five of 29 countries were making their commitment and that's now changed", Trump said at a press conference before leaving Brussels.

"President Trump often seems to be in search of short-term political benefit at the expense of U.S. allies, the worldwide community", journalists Saska Saarikoski and Laura Saarikoski wrote on Sunday ahead of the Trump-Putin meeting, scheduled for July 16.

But Mr Trump hinted he would not be happy with 2 per cent, saying 4 per cent would be a better level.

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"NATO's never been stronger".

The Russian President stressed that the Kremlin will accept the decision of the Alliance on the accession of the two countries as a direct threat. They have paid $33 Billion more and will pay hundreds of Billions of Dollars more in the future, only because of me. The US embassy in London has already advised US citizens there to "keep a low profile" during Trump's visit and to "be aware of your surroundings (and) exercise caution if unexpectedly in the vicinity of large gatherings that may become violent".

Trump praised one of few Republicans to defend his presser performance, thanking Rand Paul for noting, "The President has gone through a year and a half of through a year and a half of totally partisan investigations - what's he supposed to think?" He and first lady Melania Trump will also have tea with Queen Elizabeth II.

May's government is in turmoil over how to exit the European Union following the Brexit vote.

Ahead of Trump's arrival, May sought to play up the prospect of a post-Brexit trade deal with the U.S., one of her key political objectives. The important thing now is that we need to invest more - we need to get more money.

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It is clear that not everyone in Ethiopia takes too kindly President Isaias Afewerki's arrival on Ethiopian soil. The Eritrean leader's visit to Ethiopia continues Monday as Isaias is expected to re-open his country's embassy.

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