Uber Spotlight helps drivers find riders using a bright color

Uber rolling out two new(ish) ways to make it easier for your driver to find you

Uber Announces New Tools for Tricky Pickups

One such tool is called "Spotlight" and enables users to light up their phone with a distinct color they can wave around so that a driver searching for them amid a swarm of people can pick them out of a crowd easily. Your driver will receive a message telling them what color to look for, so you can just hold your phone in the air.

Finally, Uber makes it easier to send Pickup Messages to drivers, which provide them extra information without taking their attention off the road. In these instances, Uber's on-time guarantee comes in handy. Drivers will naturally be notified of whatever color you choose.

She said she received a message from Uber after the episode claiming that she had acted inappropriately towards the driver - an accusation she denies. It isn't much, considering that you may miss your flight as a result, but we'll take what we can get.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 leaks continue as more images surface
When folded, the device includes a smaller "display bar" on the front, allowing users to use the device like a phone. Like the Galaxy Note 9 , it will begin pre-orders on August 14 and go on sale on the same date of August 24.

Ridesharing services like Uber have undeniably made getting around town easier, but there are unique circumstances when hailing a cab is decidedly more convenient. Under the new system, if your driver fails to show up at the scheduled time, Uber will give you $10 that you can put toward your next trip.

According to Uber, the beacon has a powerful battery and Bluetooth connection to the Uber driver app, and can last several evenings without charge, while keeping the dashboard area free of cables. There are a few pre-populated messages that can be sent with one tap as well.

The driver then abruptly pulled over about 10 minutes from their destination and told them to exit the vehicle, claiming he had the "right to deny [them] service", according to Godbey. Pickup messages are read aloud to drivers and they can simply tap to respond.

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