New Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Unveiled at Comic-Con

Actor Whittaker at Comic Con in San Diego

Hall H Debut Of New ‘Doctor Who’ Unveils New Season Teaser – Comic-Con

She uttered a quiet "brilliant" before her spaceship, the TARDIS, started to explode, throwing her out the doors and plummeting towards the ground.

"Loud and amazing" said Jodie Whittaker today of her first Comic-Con asDoctor Who.

"All of this is new to me", Jodie Whittaker says in the trailer, which was released during the BBC show's panel.

The video was silly, but it served its goal: as it ended the crowd cheered so loudly the seats vibrated, and Jodie walked onto the Hall H stage along with new showrunner Chris Chibnall, executive producer Matt Stevens, and actors Tosin Cole and Mandip Gill, who play the Doctor's new friends Ryan and Yaz. Chibnall called Tennant the day before the announcement and said, without revealing who had been cast, if the person playing the new Doctor could call him.

Finally, Whittaker said that her Doctor is "a pillar of hope" who is "striving for inclusion".

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"The thing about this role, which is why it is so unbelievable for any actor to play the role, is that essentially gender is irrelevant, and that's completely liberating", Whittaker said. "I really love television when it is a communal experience..."

"I felt if I was very much in someone else's shoes", Whittaker herself said of her first days playing the character, "which is an incredible way to start this journey". But Whittaker did show off the Doctor's new sonic screwdriver, which has a radically different design from previous versions. You won't see very much from the past.

Before the panelists came out to the more than 6,000 fans, a brief video was shown of Whittaker traveling from the series' studio in Wales to San Diego and walking into the venue incognito. Chibnall says we won't even expect Dalek this season. From wild-eyed, jelly-baby loving traveler with an affinity for absurdly long scarves, to that one Doctor who thought a stalk of celery was a good fashion accessory. Sit them down for Jodie's first episode so you can go, 'See?!' There is no barrier to entry this year!

But in the end, the panel was really about the importance of adding Whittaker and what it means not just for the series, but for the world moving forward.

Described as "Doctor Who, just with a little sauce on it" by actor Cole, season 11 of the series will debut on BBC and BBC America this fall.

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