Trump extends invitation to Putin for fall meeting in Washington

Trump extends invitation to Putin,Trump-Putin,Washington

US president Donald Trump and Russia's President Vladimir Putin shake hands as they meet in Helsinki

Faced with yet another firestorm, the White House was later forced to undertake another course correction and on Thursday rejected the proposal in a public statement. The vote was underway mid-afternoon.

The White House had said on Wednesday it was under consideration, even though the State Department called Russia's allegations against the Americans "absurd". In that statement, Coats restated the U.S. intelligence assessment about Russian meddling and Moscow's "ongoing, pervasive efforts to undermine our democracy".

Mr Putin said Russian Federation wanted to question USA nationals the Kremlin accuses of "illegal actions".

The Americans in question include former United States ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul and alleged crimes include fraud and corruption.

Republican and Democratic US lawmakers grappled with Trump's conflicting statements about the summit as well as what they did not know: exactly what the two leaders discussed in their private meeting and what agreements, if any, were reached.

The initiative was first voiced by Putin during his meeting with Trump. Mr Trump also met Mr Putin past year in Germany and Vietnam.

"The Summit with Russian Federation was a great success, except with the real enemy of the people, the Fake News Media", he twittered on Thursday.

Trump tweeted Thursday that his critics in the media "are pushing so recklessly hard and hate the fact that I'll probably have a good relationship with Putin".

Coats went on to describe Russian Federation as the most aggressive state actor attempting to interfere in U.S. affairs.

Coats acknowledged he has no idea what was said in Trump's one-on-one meeting with Putin, accompanied only by translators.

"They said they think it's Russia; I have President Putin, he just said it's not Russia", said Trump, on assurances from United States intelligence agenices that the Russian government meddled in the 2016 presidential elections.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., acknowledged Thursday that Trump has had a "bad week" on Russian Federation. "I don't think he was prepared as well as he should have been".

Had Trump asked him 'how that ought to be conducted, I would have suggested a different way, but that's not my role.

So it seems like there might be some overlap, according to President Trump's tweet, and that they might really go for this Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, renewing it, which is actually an Obama administration accomplishment.

Donald Trump, left, and Vladimir Putin shake hands at the beginning of a meeting at the Presidential Palace in Helsinki, Finland.

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Spokeswoman Heather Nauert said three proposals were made: one for a high-level working group with U.S. and Russian business leaders to be convened; another for the creation of an "expert council" of academics, current and former diplomats and military officials from both countries to look broadly at U.S. -Russia relations, and a third one for the U.S. and Russian national security councils to hold a series of follow-on meetings.

Upon his return to the U.S., the president caused confusion when he went back and forth on whether he believed Putin or not.

Coats didn't answer the question directly.

Having Donald Trump in the White House is looking increasingly like a liability for the Kremlin, rather than an asset.

The zigzagging laid bare the White House's search for a path out of trouble that has dogged the administration's discussions of Russian Federation from the start, but spiraled after Trump's trip to Helsinki.

"It's not going to happen", Pompeo told VOA news.

Despite the diplomacy, Trump claimed he was "tougher" on Russian Federation than his predecessors.

Coats said USA intelligence on North Korea was significantly better than it used to be, but that the US should not assume it will happen and that "trust and verify" should be America's mantra.

In the USA, frustration with the lack of information has raised already heightened suspicions of Trump.

A number of senators swiftly signed on to a bipartisan bill from Sens.

Since then Trump issued a belated clarification, undercut the reversal with qualifiers, made new comments contradicting US intelligence and then sent his spokeswoman out to deny it happened.

"I'm concerned about a cyber-9/11", Coats said.

Two other lawmakers, Sens.

"I wanted him to say that despite what the intelligence community in Russian Federation or what Putin might be saying or what is said here amongst our intelligence community is "No more, knock it off, stay away, get out" and demand that Russian Federation stay away when it comes to our elections, and I didn't hear that and I didn't hear that in his walk back so I'm still waiting", Murkowski said.

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