Mysterious ancient sarcophagus finally opened after weeks of speculation

Egypt’s Mysterious 2000-Year-Old Sarcophagus Opened by Archaeologists! View Pics of Three Decomposed Mummies

Egypt’s Mysterious 2000-Year-Old Sarcophagus Opened

A handout photo made available by the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities shows workers preparing to open the black granite sarcophagus that was discovered in Sidi Gaber district, Alexandria, Egypt, 19 July 2018. The discovery of the sarcophagus on a construction site in June is a rare find in Alexandria, a fabled port city where most traces of Egypt's ancient civilizations have crumbled into the waves or lie buried beneath urban sprawl.

The tomb is believed to be from the early Ptolemaic period, between 305 BC to 30 BC - after the death of Macedonian ruler Alexander the Great in 323 BC.

A likely arrow wound has already been discovered on one of the skulls, leading to early speculation the bodies are those of military officials from the Ptolemaic period.

In a press statement, Waziri said that one of the skulls was apparently hit by a sharp instrument as it showed signs of multiple fractures.

The skeletons will be transferred to the Alexandria National Museum for restoration and further study.

The bodies are probably those of warriors, rather than Alexander the Great.

The coffin was "filled with sewage which leaked through the grove in this area, plus three skeletons", Mostafa Waziri, general secretary of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities, reported today in an Arabic-language Facebook update.

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The report added that the lack of silver or gold metallic masks, statues, amulets or inscriptions indicated that those who were buried were not of high status.

And inside the 2,000-year-old tomb, three mummies have been found.

David Milner, editor at Gamer Informer Australia, tweeted: "As a fan of Brendan Fraser's "The Mummy", I say don't open the cursed sarcophagus".

Also on Thursday, archeologists opened a large, sealed, black granite sarcophagus dating to some 2,000 years ago in the coastal city of Alexandria.

Could it contain the remains of ancient Macedonian leader Alexander the Great, or (less appealingly) a deadly curse?

"We've opened it and, thank God, the world has not fallen into darkness".

The mummies were found soaking (soaking!) in red liquid that appeared to be sewage.

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