Donald Trump in Bizarre Attack on 'Aggressive' Montenegro

After Helsinki, Trump boasts of reinforcing NATO

Trump Wonders Why U.S. Should Always Have To Defend NATO Allies

"Let's say Montenegro, which joined previous year. why should my son go to Montenegro to defend it from attack", Tucker asked Trump.

CARLSON: Why should my son go to Montenegro to defend it from attack?

Pomeranz said Trump had done himself political damage by suggesting both sides were to blame for the Russian Federation probe that has hurt US relations with Moscow - just as Trump did when he blamed both sides when responding to violent white supremacist protests in Charlottesville, Virginia. "I've asked the same question", Trump answered.

Following World War II Montenegro, which was briefly independent until 1918, became one of the six republics that merged into communist Yugoslavia.

Standing on stage with the man accused of complicity in an attack on the very bedrock of American democracy, Trump said his intelligence people "think it's Russian Federation. They may get aggressive, and - congratulations, you're in the World War 3!" "But that's the way it was set up".

Since joining the alliance, Montenegro has sent troops to a NATO-led mission in Afghanistan.

In practice, Article 5 has allowed Europe to outsource its defense (and the attendant costs) to the United States, though it has only been invoked one time after the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States.

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The U.S. military presence in Germany is a legacy of the Cold War, when we positioned our forces to deter a Soviet invasion from East Germany. Hacking and the other digital dark arts are playing a much bigger role, and it is proving hard to get them under control. During his recent visit to the UK, Trump was critical of British Prime Minister Theresa May, when she was facing mounting pressures, criticism and even revolt in her party.

Other observers were quick to recall the incident at the tour of Nato's new headquarters in May 2017, when video footage showed Trump shoving Prime Minister Dusko Markovic aside in order to stand close to the alliance's head Jens Stoltenberg.

As one diplomat told Vanity Fair 'this meeting confirmed that Trump barely knows the politics, if even the geography, of Europe.

With such a small military, it is hard to know what Trump was referring to when he called Montenegro's people "very aggressive".

"Today as a new North Atlantic Treaty Organisation member and candidate for EU membership it contributes to peace and stability not only on the European continent but worldwide, along with USA soldiers in Afghanistan". He made the untenable assertion Monday that "I have confidence in both parties" - his intelligence officials, who say Moscow interfered, and Putin, who says it didn't. But because the economy in Europe countries is facing downswing recent years, so it's hard for those countries to lift defense spending on fiscal expenditure.

Describing NATO ascension, expansion, or NATO countries taking steps to defend their homelands as "aggressive" is a hallmark of Russian messaging in its opposition against the alliance.

Trump can correctly say that he needs to shore up the security of NATO's East European allies because of the German government's sign-off on the pipeline.

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