Neil Armstrong's personal collection of moon landing artefacts up for sale

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Flag And Medallions Neil Armstrong Brought To The Moon During Apollo 11 Mission To Be Auctioned

At 4:17 p.m. EDT, while Collins remained in orbit aboard the command module Columbia, Armstrong and Aldrin aboard the lunar module Eagle landed on the surface of the Moon.

Other items that the astronaut took with him to the moon include a USA flag, the largest size typically flown during Apollo missions, a United Nations flag, various state flags, and some Robbins Medallions.

The auctions will be held on November 1-2 this year, as well as in May and November of 2019, which marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission.

The Apollo 11 mission launched four days prior to its landing, from the Kennedy Space Center at 9.32am (Eastern Daylight Time [EDT]), with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin aboard the rocket that would make history.

The collection of the astronaut who died in 2012 includes items such as pieces of a wing and propeller from the 1903 Wright Brothers flight that Armstrong took with him to the moon.

Featured in the auction are items which were taken to the moon including a series of flags - representing not only the USA but also the United Nations and a number of individual American states.

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The artifacts on offer range from those associated with Armstrong's historic 1969 lunar landing to his private mementos.

"I think he would be pleased to be remembered as being part of a program that demonstrated wonderful things can be achieved when people come together to dedicate themselves towards a common goal", his son Rick Armstrong said.

Dallas-based Heritage Auctions will handle the auctions.

Armstrong's collection also boasts a gold and diamond pin that the astronaut gifted his wife after he flew it on Gemini VIII - his first-ever spaceflight - and a Purdue University centennial flag (Armstrong's alma mater) that traveled on Apollo 11.

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