President Trump Threatens Iran With Historic 'Consequences' in Late-Night Tweet

Donald Trump

GETTY DONALD TRUMP The US President is coming down hard on Iran after furious post on Twitter

U.S. President Donald Trump launched a new broadside against Iran, warning of unspecified "consequences" if counterpart Hassan Rouhani again threatened America.

Mr Trump has suggested Iranian leaders are "going to call me and say "let's make a deal" but Iran has rejected talks.

He also reiterated that the administration seeks to force Iranian crude exports "as close to zero as possible by November 4", when the U.S. sanctions lifted by the nuclear deal snap back into place. America wants nothing less than (to) destroy Iran.

Pompeo on July 22 called Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and other Islamic religious leaders in the theocratic government "hypocritical holy men" and pointed out officials who had amassed hundreds of millions of dollars of wealth from their positions.

The US in January had already sanctioned Sadeq Larijani, the head of Iran's judiciary, for human rights violations, Pompeo noted on Sunday.

Rouhani had also affirmed that the country will continue to have economic ties with other nations despite the US-imposed sanctions.

In a briefing to reporters this week ahead of the speech, a senior State Department official said Pompeo plans to address in his speech the "last 40 years of stealing from the Iranian people, the terrorism they have committed around the region, the brutal repression at home". "The United States is with you".

Trump and Bolton
GETTY MOTHER OF ALL WARS John Bolton revealed Donald Trump told him Iran will'pay the price

Allies of the United States who were cosigners of JCPOA, we well as Russian President Vladimir Putin, who also signed the agreement, have unanimously condemned Trump's decision.

Khamenei also voiced support for continued talks with Iran's European partners in the nuclear deal which are preparing a package of economic measures to offset the US pullout from the accord.

Trump in May pulled the U.S. out of a hard-won agreement with Tehran, also signed by Britain, China, France, Germany and Russian Federation, which lifted sanctions in exchange for curbs on Iran's nuclear program.

Pompeo's speech drew criticism from domestic critics of the administration, including veteran diplomats behind the landmark Iran nuclear deal.

The new initiative-which the White House refused to discuss with Reuters-comes just weeks after Pompeo unveiled what critics described as a wildly unrealistic set of demands that Iran must meet if it wishes to engage in nuclear discussions with the United States.

He said "overthrow, disintegration, boycott and weakening" were the main United States policies against Iran.

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