Rule takes effect banning smoking in public housing

NYC public housing buildings are now smoke-free

Smoking no longer allowed in NYC Public Housing

As part of a national ban on all lit tobacco products - such as cigarettes, cigars, and pipes - it's now prohibited to smoke within 25 feet of public housing and their administrative office buildings. But eviction after just one violation "is not grounds for eviction", and smoking on public housing premises is a civil violation, not a crime, the agency said in setting guidelines for local enforcement.

A nationwide smoking ban is now in effect for all public housing developments across the U.S. "So, they had 45 days to talk about it". The ban will not prohibit e-cigarettes, snuff, or chewing tobacco. This, after a number of homes caught on fire because of indoor smoking.

"We explained the process to them and we have given them the opportunity to weigh in on it", he said, adding it was in their annual plan. FWHS adopted its policy in September 2017 and it affects its two public housing properties, Butler Place Apartments and Cavile Place Apartments. Under HUD rules, tenants can be evicted after three smoking violations.

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The Feds say this ban reduces health hazards from second hand smoke.

The new rule was initially announced in 2016, but HUD gave all federally-owned public housing units until July 30 to implement it.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also estimated in 2014 that the new ban is expected yield $153 million per year in savings for government housing agencies in health-care costs and repairs.

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