Fortnite will be on Android but not through Google Play

Fortnite Mobile Won't Be Available on Google Play Store, EPIC Reveals Why

Fortnite Is Ditching the Google Play Store

In contrast, Fortnite can be easily installed on a PC or Mac from Epic Games' own website.

"Epic wants to have a direct relationship with our customers on all platforms where that's possible", according to CEO Tim Sweeney.

Several of the apps were downloaded more than 1,000 times during the more than six months that the applications were available on the Play store and gained 4-star ratings purportedly from people who used the apps, Palo Alto Networks said in an alert July 30. Instead, it will make the game available through its official website and an Epic Installer for compatible Android devices.

We've just run the story that Fortnite won't be available on Google Play, but there's a second rumour cooking up a storm right now.

To us, this makes ideal sense, but it does open up players to a world of fake APKs that could potentially harm devices. Although it does mean that those on iOS will be getting a slightly different experience, as updates can be pushed out faster to the Android version, without having to wait for any approvals.

Most apps can't get away with making users jump through those hoops, but Fortnite, which already has more than 125 million players, presumably can.

Fortnite Battle Royale sees 100 players land on an island to look for weapons and build defences.

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However, novice users are typically discouraged from doing so, because apps from unknown sources could pose a security risk.

Epic does the same thing on the PC, where it uses its own installation program instead of the more ubiquitous Steam downloader, for essentially the same reason.

We don't know how this will affect Fortnite, its audience, or even the Android app ecosystem as a whole. With the biggest game in the world asking millions of players to bypass vital security measures built into Android, the potential for obfuscation and abuse is unlimited.

Looking to pick up Fortnite on Android?

Epic doesn't seem to be too keen on passing on 30% of its revenue to Google.

Furthermore, Sweeney calls the 30 percent "store tax" a "high cost" in the game industry, particularly given the fact that Android is an open platform where Google is not distributing or managing all hardware, like Microsoft and Sony do with their respective consoles.

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