Shared locations on Google Maps now include battery life

Google My Maps is very easy to use

Google My Maps is very easy to use

Google has a famous Maps platform to find locations and they often update it with the fresh set of features. Similarly, you can also infer why their phone isn't reachable. This function allows users to travel to their contact's location or give them an estimated time of arrival. The battery level will be indicated with a percentage. However, if those people suddenly dropped off the grid, there was no way of distinguishing whether that was because their phone battery died or something more nefarious had happened.

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When you share your location with someone in the Google Maps app, it will show up on your friend's map, and they can then use that information to get directions to exactly where you're located. The Explore tab, meanwhile, also gained new features, and Google promised better suggestions that are tailored to each user by turning to AI and personalization in its recommendation engine. Google is also planning to expand the new feature to other regions of the country and is seeking help from the government authorities for the same. Instead of giving the exact battery level, it only provided an estimate, something along the lines of "Bob's battery is between 50 and 75 percent".

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A quick test confirmed that the shared location displayed the phone's battery life accurately.

The feature is now live on Google Maps' mobile apps, so you can try it right away.

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