Timeline - Ryanair struggles with widespread strike action

Ryanair pilots based in Belgium called out to strike on the 10th of August

Ryanair has confirmed how many flights will be cancelled tomorrow

Trade union Forsa, which represents the pilots, hit out at the airline company following the warning.

To further this, pilots in Belgium and Sweden have announced that they will also strike on August 10.

With a fifth strike day looming that meeting appears to be off the table with Ryanair saying it would be "pointless".

Ryanair pilots based in Ireland are staging their fourth one-day stoppage today, in a deepening row about terms and conditions. The company has cancelled 20 flights and altered the travel plans of 3 thousand five hundred passengers.

Ryanair cancelled 24 of around 2,300 daily flights after a second one-day strike by Irish pilots.

"Ever since Ryanair in December 2017 announced that it will be recognising unions for pilots all over Europe, the developments have been similar everywhere".

Swedish pilots have also voted to strike August 10 while Belgian pilots' union the Belgian Cockpit Association has called on its members to walk out on the same day.

Ryanair said it has notified all customers affected and is providing refunds or alternative flights.

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The recent strikes launched by Ryanair's pilots in Ireland first started on July 12 after they lost their patience with their employer over the talks on the improvement of their working conditions which mainly centered around a demand for base transfer, annual leave and promotions based on seniority.

"After a year of negotiations, the failure of Ryanair to recognise Sepla and apply Spanish labour legislation for the pilots who operate in Spain forces the union to take a legal path to attain this objective", the union said.

As a result, Ryanair has cancelled 104 flights to and from Belgium on Friday, 22 to and from Sweden and 20 flights from Ireland.

Ryanair has said it will shift jobs and planes to more profitable areas, and threatened to move more if the strikes continue.

The airline had also until recently refused to recognise unions, but is gradually doing so as pressure increases.

About 40 Ryanair pilots are members of the SPF.

Ryanair did not respond to a request for immediate comment.

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