As US prepares sanctions, Iran arrests former forex boss after currency collapse

Protesters in the Iranian capital swarmed its historic Grand Bazaar on Monday news agencies reported and forced shopkeepers to close their stalls in appa

Iran refuses talks with US under coercion - Xinhua |

"If the Iranians demonstrate a commitment to make fundamental changes in how they treat their own people, reduce (what he called) their malign behavior, can agree that it's worthwhile to enter into a nuclear agreement that actually prevents proliferation, then the president said he's prepared to sit down and have the conversation with them".

"There have been advances made in the past two weeks, and I believe there are signs that (Iran's) Interests Section office would open and become active". "The United States is going to enforce these sanctions".

Sanctions against Iran's automotive industry, as well as gold and other metals, are set to take effect on Monday.

Following Trump's decision to quit the historic Iran nuclear pact on May 8, the United States vowed to reimpose sanctions lifted under the accord against Iran and inflict punishments like secondary sanctions on nations that have business links with Iran.

Under the deal between Tehran and world powers, most global sanctions imposed on Iran were lifted in 2016 in return for Tehran curbing its nuclear program.

If the US wants negotiations, it should stop pressures and sanctions, Qasemi was quoted as saying by official IRNA news agency.

Of all the twists and turns of Donald Trump's presidency, his hostility to Iran, a mainstay of his support from the right of the Republican party, is consistent.

After months of fierce rhetoric, Trump surprised observers last week when he offered to meet with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani "any time" - and without preconditions.

NBC News Reporters Want Donald Trump Banned from Twitter After Threatening Iran
Trump at one point unleashed a Twitter tirade in which he blasted, using all caps, Rouhani's "DEMENTED WORDS OF VIOLENCE". Both Trump and Rouhani are due to address the United Nations General Assembly in NY next month.

Protests broke out on Sunday for a sixth night in cities including Kazeroon in the south, according to social media.

"They're the world's largest state sponsor of terror", Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told Indonesian television in an interview Sunday.

Dubowitz, who noted that Iran has tested fewer missiles of late, said Trump's rhetoric and position on Tehran actually lowers the risk of escalation toward conflict.

At least for now, the U.S. is fixated on bringing as much diplomatic and economic pressure to Iran as possible - though it is not clear where things are headed or if there is an increased risk of conflict.

The problem is: "What next?" one of the European diplomats said, referring to concerns that the U.S. is eyeing regime change as the sanctions' end goal.

The new ATR-72600 planes are part of a deal for 20 new aircraft that Iran Air agreed to buy in April 2017, of which eight have so far been delivered.

It is not yet clear how all this will affect ordinary Iranians, but a European diplomat in Tehran who monitors the economy said prices of basic foods were already creeping up.

"There is a massive loss of confidence in the financial system and the government's ability to control things and withstand sanctions", she said.

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